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A few months ago I went to the Proverbs 31 conference, SheSpeaks back in Charlotte, NC.  I had an amazing experience and also met a lot of other talented writers, bloggers and speakers.  God uses all of our stories for His glory!

I was deeply motivated when I attended a workshop on creating online book/bible studies.  I felt that this was one of the next steps for me to take in my journey as a writer, coach and blogger.  So, I am stepping out in obedience and offering my first online book study.

During this conference I was also able to attend several workshops offered by Glynnis Whitwer and felt an connection with her as a person, writer and then even more so when I picked up her latest book, I Used to Be So Organized and began reading it.  I felt that it was a book I could use as a refresher, but I also felt that this book was a perfect fit for my wonderful community of moms.  

Life is always throwing curveballs at us, our seasons of motherhood change and we can often feel overwhelmed and frustrated with our lack on being able to control things.  Well, Glynnis covers the frustrations that many of us feel when we just can’t get a handle on our lives.  We carry guilt, over this fact that we ‘used’ to have it together, but for some reason, life now seems a bit overwhelming, we are met with one challenge after another and often distracted from managing our homes in a chaos free fashion. 

Combining spiritual encouragement and practical application I Used to Be So Organized presents a balanced approach to finding order and peace for today’s overwhelmed woman.

So this is the first book that I will be offering as a study.  It contains 23 chapters (don’t freak out!!) but each chapter is short and easy enough to read while waiting in the car pool line or while at swim lessons.  It is a great easy to read guide.


So my crazy idea involves:

  • Reading the book together – breaking it down into 7 weeks bite size pieces
  • Each Monday I will be posting the week’s reading and suggested assignments
  • I will be posting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – my own thoughts, implementation ideas and how it worked in hopes that my suggestions may help another mom – all useful content relevant to the study. There will be homework and study ideas, memory verse suggestions, discussion questions, video messages (yep I hope to do a short video in there!!)
  • We will create discussion in the comments section of the blog, and I will be actively engaged in responding
  • We will be sharing and creating conversation on Facebook – both on my Facebook page, but I plan to open a closed group page for more in depth conversation and idea sharing/support.  Participating in the Facebook option is just that, an option not a requirement – I will refer to them in my posts, but  they are supplements and free options for more interaction.
  • You can give yourself a reminder to check my blog daily or sign up to receive my blog via email.  I suggest email. That way the study will always come to you, and you don’t have to remember to come to it. It is up to you to check for the weekly assignments. If you have ANY problems understanding how to do this, just ask.  (There is no certain time of day that you have to check my blog–check it at your convenience. That’s the beauty of an online study!)
  • The study is FREE for you to participate, but you must have your own copy of I Used to Be So Organized in order to participate in this Online Study.  I will be using the book, referencing it and you will be lost otherwise.  You can pick the book up locally or order it online at amazon – here is the link to the paperback copy – here is the kindle version.  If you purchase using this link I get a small *bonus* from amazon as my thank you for referring you.  I appreciate it when you use this link, it helps me keep doing what I am doing for FREE.
  • Other items that will be helpful for this study:  a Bible, a notebook, pen or pencil, and highlighter.

A side note, you will get out of this study exactly what you put in to it. I am your encourager, leader, coach – but I cannot do any of this work for you.  I encourage you to start thinking now when you will set aside the time to fully participate in this study, make it a priority.  

If you are in need of a change, make this your time to succeed!  Bad habits are hard to break, so let’s go in together to create some good habits and get peace back into your home, life and family!  I know you won’t regret it!

BONUS Options for You

Options are just that–options! Good–but not required.

1.  “Getting Real – Conversations that Spark Change”  - Conference Calls~ I will be posting more information on this option later next week, with the line-up of guests and topics that we will cover.  Look for 3-4 calls over the 7 weeks, lasting 45 minutes and encouraging you with real information and solutions – this will be a paid add-on.  (pssst….one of the calls will be with Glynnis too!  I will share more next week!)

2.  Private Facebook page IDEA  - I would like to open a private facebook page for those who want to keep conversations private and in the comfort of those only participating in the study.  This will be where I post the majority of the content as I do not want to bog down the regular Facebook page feed with information for those not doing the study.  Please leave a comment below if this is an option you would like.  If I do not get feedback I will use the existing Confident Mom Facebook page rather than beginning another page.    I heard from you all – here is the link to the private facebook page – please ask to be added and join in on the fun!   

3. Pinterest – Love Pinterest!  I have a page created where I will be posting the weekly verses, resource images and other relevant content.  You will want to follow my I Used to Be So Organized Online Study Board if you are on Pinterest!  

I will be posting the reading schedule next week with additional information – but for now, if you are thinking of joining us – go grab your book!

What do you think?  Are you in, leave me a comment!

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  1. Katy Lange says:

    What a great idea, the books sounds wonderful. I also think a private facebook board would be great.

    Thanks for leading us.

  2. Excited to participate…..such an issue for me lately! I love the idea of the private FB page as I think most people are willing to share more openly in that type of setting. Such a good time of year to do this too. Feeling overwhelmed just thinking about the 2 1/2 months ahead!

  3. Hi Susan,
    I like the idea of a closed group on Facebook. I will certainly participate.

    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Great, thanks for responding – yes, overwhelming and it doesn’t need to be!!

  5. Thanks for responding – looking forward to sharing with you!

  6. Very excited to participate and look forward to a private facebook group for posting comments, etc.

  7. I would love to participate and I like the idea of a private facebook group. Thanks

  8. Thanks for responding – looking forward to the study and community Cindy!

  9. Susan, I feel this is the turning point I need to change my life. I have years of clutter taking up valuable space in our small house and it’s having a detrimental effect on our family. I would also assume a separate Facebook page would be nice, this is my first time doing an online study so I’m kind of new to this. I already have the book, looking forward to starting the journey!!!

  10. I will be participating. Really looking forward to it! I couldn’t get the link to email your blog to work though.

  11. Jennifer Phillips says:

    This sounds wonderful! This will also go with our MOPS discussion for November. Excited to be a part of this. I also would love to see a closed group for this on facebook. Thanks for all of your help and ideas on how to be a Confident and successful MOM.

  12. Amy Bacher says:

    oh my goodness, this sounds like exactly what I need. thank you for listening to God’s prompting and getting this going! SO EXCITED!!!

  13. Kathie Shannon says:

    I love this idea..especially a closed or private Facebook page. Thank you for putting this together.

  14. I am so in need of a change. This sounds like a perfect fit for me. I also like the idea of a closed facebook group. Thanks for putting this all together.

  15. Stephanie Young says:

    I just bought my book through your link! I’m all in…this sounds like precisely what I need right now =) THANK YOU!!!!!

  16. I don’t know if I used to be organized, but I need to be organized now. I went back to work 2 years ago and now my husband and I realize how much it effects our family dynamic. I can’t give up working, but hopefully if I get more organized it will help. Thank you for leading us.

  17. I am in! I am terrible about looking at my facebook–Private page would be great though! I am excited. I will be following along on the blog mostly!

    Got my book! So need this in my emotional bank acount now!

  18. So glad you are joining us!!

  19. Karen Bert says:

    I am in. Thanks so much! I almost missed, if you purchase from this link…. went to get it on my phone and as I did I kept reading. So, I did purchase from the link. Have the book.

  20. I would love to participate! Super excited about it, I’ve never been a part of an online book study group.

  21. I would love to participate!

  22. Looking forward to it!! Thank you!

  23. Would love to join this group. Thanks :)

  24. Hi, I’d love to be a part of this & especially the private FB page. THANKS!!!!

  25. I’m in! Private FB page would work great for me. Looking forward to decluttering so many places in my life, and being organized again!

  26. Boy I need this. I was really challenged by your post My Struggle with Sin. How do I sign up other than commenting here? Thank you!

  27. No need to sign up at all! Just come back here, the study starts Monday. You can join the private facebook page if you like, but that is not necessary, most all content will be here, just I am sure livelier discussion on the FB page – welcome!

  28. So glad to have you – I hope you will e encouraged with the study and community!

  29. I am so in – great idea! Just got my kindle edition!

  30. I’m in and just bought the book via your link. I won’t have it in time but oh, well. Thanks!

  31. So glad you are here!!! You can read the first 2 chapters on amazon – so you won’t get behind, just click over and read it there! No worries!

  32. I’m in! Sounds just like what I need right now!

  33. I think this sounds like a great study! Thanks for offering it!

  34. I am exited to participate in the online class. I just placed the book on my kindle and can’t wait to start reading!

  35. Good Afternoon,

    I know I am a little late to the party, but I would LOVE to join this group. This is exactly what I need right now. Thank you for putting this together! I am ordering the book right now!

  36. Of course you can!!!! Welcome, never too late you can read chapters 1 & 2 on amazon until you get a book

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