Paleo Turkey Bacon Meatballs from eMeals



As many of you know, I LOVE eMeals! I have shared over the years yummy recipes and how I use eMeals to help me stay organized, eat healthier, save money and have more time OUT of the kitchen!

eMeals is a meal planning service that sends you a weekly list of recipes including side dishes with a completed grocery list. Love it!!

Right now you can get 2 FREE weeks of eMeals to try it out for yourself! If you decide to stick with it after the two weeks, you can enjoy your choice of over 60 meal plan options including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And, as a bonus right now all eMeals’ members get a FREE Comfort Foods menu that features all kinds of fall-friendly menu items to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Check them out now!

I wanted to share with you the yummy PALEO Meatballs I made for dinner last week, they were easy and really good.  It was a filling recipe and easy to serve with some sautéed spinach and roasted cauliflower.  You can grab this recipe below!


Paleo - Turkey-Bacon Meatballs with Tomato Sauce
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  1. 4 slices bacon
  2. 2 lb lean ground turkey
  3. 1 (8-oz) package sliced fresh mushrooms, finely chopped
  4. 1 large onion, chopped
  5. 1 T Italian seasoning
  6. 1 large egg, lightly beaten
  7. 2 T coconut oil
  8. 2 (14.5-oz) cans fire-roasted diced tomatoes
  1. Place bacon on a paper towel-lined plate; microwave on HIGH 1½ to 2 minutes or until crisp. Crumble bacon. Combine ground turkey, bacon, mushrooms, onion, Italian seasoning and egg; shape mixture into 1-inch meatballs. Heat oil in a large deep nonstick skillet over medium heat; cook meatballs 4 minutes or until browned and no longer pink in centers, stirring frequently. Remove from skillet, and keep warm. Add tomatoes to skillet; bring to a boil, and simmer 15 minutes or until slightly thickened. Add meatballs to pan; cover and simmer 5 minutes or until thoroughly heated.
  2. Recipe Serves 6
The Confident Mom

Practice Making Wise Decisions



I have been known to procrastinate a time or two…..or maybe ten or twenty!  UGH!  It sometimes really amazes me I have made it this far in life because of how paralyzed I can be at times – not knowing what to do, so I do nothing!!!

Do you ever feel paralyzed?  Just fearful of making the wrong decision so much that it just keeps you from doing anything.  I get that way, I avoid and I think if I just don’t think about it, said “it” will just not be there the next time I turn around.  But, it is.  And causes me more anxiety in the process.  

From big decisions to little ones, I can get bogged down with the details so much that it prevents me from moving ahead.  ACK!  I hate admitting that, but it is true.  I can feel lost and flailing and I am so glad that Lysa shared the three questions that we all can and should consider when we are looking to make any type of decision.

  •   Have you been reading and praying through God’s Word lately?
  •   Have you been applying God’s Word in your life lately?
  •   Have you sought Godly counsel and insights from wise people who know specifics about your    situation?

“We have to put our hearts and our minds in places where wisdom gathers, not scatters.”

I love feeling empowered to make decisions that are good when I incorporate knowledge, insight, and discernment by using the above questions as a guideline for myself.  I love knowing I can grab hold of those questions the next time I am feeling a bit underprepared for making a decision, which I am sure will be within the next few hours.

When Lysa shared her experience of having to navigate the decision a to whether they would open their home to a friend….. I could relate to those feelings she was sharing.  I loved that she added four more aspects to making a wise decision:

Physically – can you say yes in this area?

Financially – can you say yes in this area?

Spiritually – can you say yes in this area?

Emotionally – can you say yes in this area?  (this is the one I rarely even consider, although it seems it may need to be closer to the top of my considerations!)

I tend to over-extend myself in the area of “emotions” – thinking I can do more or give more than what I realistically can handle.  This is an area I need to be very aware of especially since I know that my depression and hopelessness can stem from being bankrupt emotionally.

A few things to consider this week from the Study Guide: 

I loved this suggestion and wondered if anyone else would be up for the challenge?  I often am doing a lot, but my motive is not from the heart and I can be bitter about being put out.  I want to work on this area, so won’t you join me?

  • Be servant-hearted.  Do something for another person without grumbling.  Trust that God sees, God knows, and through this act of service, God will develop your character to match your calling.

Truth is always something I need to focus on rather than my feelings.  This is an area I need to be reminded of.

  • Stand in assurance.  Trump your feelings with truth. Just because you feel incapable/offended/insecure doesn’t mean you need to be incapable/offended/insecure.

My words can often be short and snarky – yes – I know.  In the haste of daily routine I can get an attitude or feel overworked and my words show that.  Here is another area to be mindful of.

  • Tuck wisdom into your life.  Practice it in the things you say and in the things you choose not to say.

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The Best Yes Online Book Study


The Best Yes Online Book Study - Free to Participate!

I am absolutely THRILLED to announce officially our next online book study.  It has taken a bit to get things organized and finally, the day has come to share with you all.

The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst Online Book Study is coming Monday, October 20th – our official start date.  Go grab your book now, paperback with Prime Shipping it will get to you in time, but no worries if not – grab a kindle copy or just start a couple days late…. WE WANT YOU!!!  {You can read the first chapter free here}


The book study runs here on this blog page, I will be posting on Monday’s with the weeks reading plan and then either on Tuesday or Wednesday I will share my thoughts in a short post.  Feel free to comment on what you are learning as well.

The built of the community and sharing will take place on our PRIVATE Facebook page, you can click here to join.   

The Best Yes Online Book Study - Free to Participate!

Questions, quotes and community will be shared there, so if you are looking to get a bit deeper into the study, I highly suggest coming over the to the FB page and joining us.

During the course of the Six week study, we will have three Facebook Chat’s – taking place on the PRIVATE group page, sharing with each other what we are learning.  This is a new feature I am trying this time around – looking forward to new adventures.

I am saving the best part for last!!!

This time around I have a group of like-minded moms from my community who have stepped up to help monitor the Facebook page and share in the journey.  This has been an incredible blessing to me and an answer to prayer.  I am only one person, and was feeling conflicted in how much I can continue to offer, so this was truly a miracle.

Without further ado – please meet your “The Best Yes Moms” who are probably very similar to you and I know will add a dimension and dynamic that will bless the entire group!

KimKimberly Gates

 I am a creative, thoughtful, nature/animal lover, God – loving, deal finding money saving Mom.  I am 45 years old and work full time as an Animal Care Supervisor.  I have been married for 13 years and have 3 children ages 21, 19 and 9. I am a stepmother (to the older children) and the youngest child was adopted.  My children have made my heart grow bigger and I am a better person and mother because of them, I love them dearly.   I enjoy encouraging and supporting other mothers, to enjoy and value time with their kids and to keep life simple. It’s a jungle out there!

KellyKelly Smith

I am a wife and mother of three kids, ages 10, 8 and 9 months.  We make our home near Birmingham,
AL.  I am a stay at home mom during the week, and an Occupational Therapist at an area hospital on the weekend.  I lead a small group at our church for moms with kids in all ages and stages.  My favorite activities outside of caring for my family are reading, writing, and running.  I believe we were all created to live in community and I am thankful for the women in my life that enrich my spiritual journey, both in person and online. 


I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 17 years.  We have 4 amazing boys – ages 13, 12, 9 and 6 – all of whom have multiple food allergies and were blessed 2 years ago this month to welcome a little girl from Russia to our crazy house.  I am a SAHM who tries (and often fails) to balance family and a part time photography and cake business.  I love reading, home (little bit of a homebody…), Jesus, adoption and families – I am passionate about supporting other moms! 

allison-finalAllison Burke

I am 35 years old with 2 precious little girls – ages 4 & 12. I work FT as a paralegal at a reputable law firm in the Birmingham area. I love my family and feel they are the most important thing in this life that has God has so graciously blessed me with. If I had to describe myself I would say I LOVE to laugh and have a huge heart and always try my best encourage others. I consider myself to be pretty crafty and Pinterest is my guilty pleasure.


I’m a Midwesterner at heart, married to my college sweetheart for ten years with four incredibly curious children (ages 1, 3, 6 and 8) who keep me on my toes!  We are a Navy family with four moves, a couple deployments, and an untold number of new experiences under our belts. Currently stationed in San Diego, I can most often be found trying to wear my children out at the playground, tinkering in my kitchen or garden, figuring out how to streamline some aspect of homemaking and trying to teach my kids to clean up after themselves to leave more time for family fun.  Mothering is by far the most challenging and fun role I’ve had in my life; I’m blessed to have a short term memory for the exhaustion and frustration that can accompany it!

I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas about what struggles you face in identifying and living your Best Yes!  

Okay, I just got chills after reading through their introductions to you!!!  I am beyond thrilled with their backgrounds and unique giftings that they will bring to this study – so excited!

Here is our schedule  

The Best Yes - Reading Plan - Online Book Study -Free to Participate!

You can print out the reading plan in PDF format HERE.

Also for those who enjoy Pinterest, here is the Pinterest board I have created for pinning posts, quote images and more.  

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Family Fun Traditions Matter



Memory making and family traditions  are important for building strong unity within the walls of your home – especially when you are a blended family.  It is critical.

Six years ago I ventured to my husband’s hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico for the first time and had the amazing opportunity to see the International Balloon Fiesta where hundreds of balloonists come in to compete in different events and has taken place every year since 1972.  

Since that visit six years ago, I’ve been back two more times, bringing my son and now my 4 year old, rounding out the elements of a family tradition.  I am sure we will be back again.

If you have never heard of this International Balloon Fiesta – you’ll want to check it out and perhaps even put it on your bucket list!  My photos will not do it justice – by any means – but they are great memories for our family and I wanted to share with you things from my view point.

Being on the field when hundreds of balloons are blown up right in front of your eyes and lift off a matter of feet from you is amazing.  

This year was especially fun and I hope you enjoy the photos I could share here.  If you are looking for some really incredible photos please check out their Facebook page or their website.  It is certainly an event to try to make it to with your family.


When you arrive at the field it is VERY early and dark!  {5:00 AM}  At around 6:30 AM the first few balloonists take to the sky to check the winds – they are the DAWN patrol.

From the website: The Dawn Patrol began at Balloon Fiesta in 1978, when two California balloonists developed position lighting systems that allowed them to fly at night. Dawn Patrol pilots take off in the dark and fly until it is light enough to see landing sites. Fellow balloonists appreciate the Dawn Patrol because they can watch the balloons and get an early idea of wind speeds and directions at different altitudes. On mass ascension days, about a dozen Dawn Patrol balloons perform the Dawn Patrol Show, a choreographed inflation and launch set to music that has been part of the Balloon Fiesta since 1996. Dawn Patrol inflations begin, weather permitting, at about 5:45 AM, with launch around 6:00 AM.

BF-2The balloons are cold inflated with fans and then get stood up by using a burner- which also ends up lighting the balloon up creating a really incredible sight in the early morning hours.  They take a different sort of beauty.

It truly is amazing as you stand and balloons are being inflated all around you – literally ALL around you!!



I stood at the end of this balloon as they began inflating it, from the basket base.  They use big fans to begin inflating and it takes only about 5-10 minutes to get the air in it and begin to take shape.


One of our favorite times is during the special shapes inflation!  There are so many incredibly shaped balloons – it makes it a favorite for the kids {I loved the special shapes too!}


We had the extremely privilege to stand right next to the POW*MIA ballon while their team inflated it.  My four year old was invited into the balloon basket to pretend like he was flying – a one of a time experience for sure!!  We watched the process from start to finish and waved them off as they went on their way.

What special family traditions have you kept alive? 

In Fact I am NOT a Supermom


Super-mom-I am not

I get emails every single day from other moms, asking how on earth I do all that I do.  

I hear the desperation in their voice, even while just reading the text….. it’s hard, everyone feeling like the other person has it all together.  It is time to share with you all – in this big public space how in fact I do not do it all, nor do I ever want you to get the feeling that I do!

Last week my heart resonated with this post from my good friend Myra over at My Blessed Life.  She shared how in fact, she doesn’t do it all either!  I could relate to her post SO MUCH and felt it was time again… share with you all the stuff that is reality for me and my home.

I have a housecleaner

Yep, I do.  This started about a year and a half ago as my blog and coaching business began to require more time from me and I had to find something that could be done by someone else.   I honestly really do enjoy cleaning my house – I mean I developed the Weekly Household Planner so I could easily keep up with things and also wanted to help other moms, but there came a point when something had to give.

There was someone anxious to come clean my house and it helped their family as well.  A double win!!

My husband helps – A LOT

I am truly blessed because I have a husband who is very good at stepping in and helping me out.  You see, this can be very challenging as I HATE to ask for help.  I am terrible – or very stubborn is more the term.  Even though my husband travels three and a half days during the week, when he is home he is amazing.  He will do the grocery shopping for me, he will run errands and he loves to do ‘projects’ with our four year old.

I fail

There are many days when things just do not get done, even from me – the QUEEN of to-do lists.  I have yet to really find a balance for myself on what I can realistically expect to get done in a day, but it is a process for me.  Learning more about myself as I ‘grow-up’ here!  Yes, I am 47 and still not grown up.  I learn that when I cram too much in my day, I get cranky, bitter and lose my patience just like other moms.  Instead of dwelling on that, I pick myself up – brush myself off, apologize to the person whom I just lost it with, and persevere. 

“I don’t know where you are today, you may be hanging on by a thread.  I write this to remind you that even in the ashes, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  It is HIS Grace that will carry you.  Because it is amazing.”  –  Kristen Welch, We Are That Family

I do not have an organized pantry

I try….but rarely is my pantry organized!!  I like to keep things neat, but hey – I have a total of six of us in the house, plus a dog!  And I am out numbered with boys in my home too.  I will never have one of those Pinterest rated pantry’s.  Never, and I am okay with it!

I do not always get up at the crack of dawn 

This is something I feel strongly about, finding my time with God and settling into my day – even if I harp and harp on this topic, there are days where I just don’t make it early.  I may have stayed up too late or just need some extra sleep.  I have to give myself grace, I am in a season of my life where my body is fighting back and when I am not forgiving, everyone around me suffers.

Chronic Depression, which I have thankfully been able to managed well with a healthier lifestyle as well as symptoms from Lupus can really impact my ability to enjoy certain things others may take for granted.  I must celebrate the little things and be grateful.

So there you have it – the real side of who I am and what really happens on this side of the screen.  I have never said I was perfect or that I can manage it all myself, but I think it can often be seen that way, by those of you who come here.  My desire is to encourage you and empower you in your role in the home, so bringing a touch of reality into the picture is truly important.

I must keep in mind several things each day and I encourage you to keep things in perspective as well:

I am 47, not a young mom by any means. I have a house of 6 – a 21 year old, 17 year old, 13 year old and a 4 year old and my husband all coming and going (oh, and a dog that needs my attention too!)  Our schedules are really messy – especially as a blended family.  My life does not look normal by any respect.  Each day is completely different – and add in that each week my husband travels different days.  I have two home based businesses that need my attention, a home to care for and a body that had some unique challenges.  

There are some days I do not get out of my pajamas – YEP!  That is true!

So I give myself grace and try to keep perspective.

What areas do you find you need to give yourself grace?