6 Encouraging Bible Verses When You Need Comfort


Comforting-bible-versesThe past few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions for me.  Without sharing too much private information with you all, which I often will do to be vulnerable and honest, let me just say that my family has entered a new and interesting season as an ‘extended family‘.

I have been thrown back into reminiscing about my mom who I lost over 8 years ago and it just hurts my heart.  She was sick with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years, I witnessed firsthand her struggle and how the disease took her body and disintegrated it.  So unfair and unjust.

So now, with my Lupus diagnosis, I want to be diligent with all I can do to be here and fight this disease anyway I can, I love feeling empowered.

We all have experienced loss at different times, so I know you all can relate.  From the time I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, who was rather furry – to when we lost my father-in-law, emotions and hurting hearts are common place.  

I am so very thankful that I have learned to incorporate essential oils into my daily routine to help me release stuck emotional issues and prayer to process through difficult seasons effectively.

Emotional health struggles are not new to me, I have dealt with them all my life…… and finally am in a place where I can step back and focus on progressing forward in a healthy way – one of the best ways is to use GOD’s word to help me push past the heartache.

Meditating on His word just speaks to my soul and brings me comfort.  Finding His word in music is also life having bricks lifted off my chest.  So life giving.

I wanted to share with you the six scriptures that I have been reading, repeating and meditating on most recently in hopes they might give your Monday a boost of Hope.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  Psalm 34:18

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.   Isaiah 41:10

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord;    be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27: 13-14

My soul clings to you; your right hand holds me up. Psalm 63:8

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13   

His word is the only true thing that can change our hearts, souls and improve our mind.  I pray this note can encourage you, you are not alone, He loves you and His word is true.

Do you have a favorite scripture to meditate on when your heart is broken?

My Word for 2015



I began focusing on having a word of the year in 2013, in the blogging community it became the popular thing to do.  I chose Perseverance.   Then in 2014 I quietly chose Grace.  So, as I read through The Best Yes and shared with you all through our study,  I realized many of my decisions and issues revolved around time management and being involved in too many things, I have chosen the word Margin for 2015.

I am overworked, overcommitted, overextended and tired of being a victim instead of in victory over my time.

I need margin.

What is margin you may ask?

In his book, Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, Richard Swenson, M.D. describes margin like this:

Margin is the space between our load and our limits. It is the amount allowed beyond that which is needed. It is something held in reserve for contingencies or unanticipated situations. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating.

Margin is the opposite of overload. If we are overloaded we have no margin. Most people are not quite sure when they pass from margin to overload. Threshold points are not easily measurable and are also different for different people in different circumstances. We don’t want to be under-achievers (heaven forbid!), so we fill our schedules uncritically. Options are as attractive as they are numerous, and we overbook. 

I am overloaded and often can feel like I am suffocating.  That truly resonated with me.  I am not exactly sure when I transitioned to that space where margin was gone…. but I do not like the life I have been living.

Reading The Best Yes gave me some tools to help me navigate learning how to say no and know what were the activities, commitments and relationships I was to give my time to…. now I just need to follow through intentionally.

So for 2015 I will:

1.  Set boundaries around my time spent on social media

This is a hard one, as I really do love sharing online, I am a blogger for goodness sake.  But what often happens is I tend to get stuck on there and then my family receives my left overs as I have placed too much value on the other relationships.  This is wrong and I am trying to find a balance where I can enjoy that, but also set away and not feel guilty.

2.   Setting realistic goals with my writing for the blog

I can often feel that I have to write 3-4 times a week and if I don’t I am letting my audience down.  After some reflection I do know that you all do not have hours upon hours to read blogs!  If I can post two times a week some encouragement and something valuable then we are all better off.  As I look into 2015 I will have to balance that with my desire to run the online book studies as well.  I truly feel called to create community in this manner, but it takes time and help.  I was so thankful for the moms who volunteered and helped me facilitate that last study.  It was fuller and had a larger impact due to many being involved – I loved it!

3.  Putting myself first

This may come out wrong but if you are a mom who is overextended, I think you can identify with what I am saying.  I will put all other tasks above my own needs and it only negatively effects everyone.   I need to prioritize my need for physical exercise, time with God, time to read, meet a friend for coffee and just be.  There is rarely a time that I am not doing something and I think that needs to stop.

4.  Being intentional with my family

I have been guilty of this more than I care to admit – putting everything else above my family.  I have felt incredibly anxious and guilty about my to-do list – whether it is in regards to my home or my two businesses I run – I have done a poor job of being engaged.  I know this has to change.  I have gotten myself into this rut of feeling like I don’t deserve to have fun because my work is not done.  Is that not silly?  But it is amazing what your mind can begin to tell you.

I want to have that “extra” time that having margin will bring.  This will not just happen and I am not kidding around here by saying this will be easy, but I do know that something needs to change now.   My health is important and I am the one who can take control and be intentional.  Otherwise I can just end up blaming others, which is truly a sin.

I am excited to move ahead and find new ways to do things that I felt overwhelmed with and honestly, hopeless.  I can feel empowered and transformed.  His grace is sufficient and I know that He desires me to change.

Thank you for joining me in this journey and allowing me to be vulnerable and honest with my faults.  We are all in the together!

Do you have a word for 2015?  I would love to hear it!

Top 10 Posts of 2014


top 10 posts 2014

I am back!!  Just for a quick post that will wrap up the year.  It is so fun to see what you loved to see and what rated as the top for posts for the year.  

An update on my son, he is doing just as expected and we are so happy.  His recovery will take awhile but each day gets better.  He has loved using oils to help his recovery….. who would have thought he would be begging for some Copaiba and Deep Relief, yep – it is a fact, my entire family has jumped on the oily train!  :-)

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Reflecting on God Weaving My Story



I have been at a loss about what to post today – for several days my mind was blank except for one topic.  

Foster care and adoption

I’ve shared my heart and my story a bit here on the blog in hopes of opening up the eyes of everyone – to find that little spot where you can make a difference in someone’s life.  I have said it before and I will continue to say it….. not everyone is meant to adopt or even do foster care, but there is always somewhere you can lend a hand – there is a need to fill.

As for everyone, this time of year is busy.  I wanted to slow down this season and focus more on the important…. I am trying, but it is still a work in progress.  I’ve been a bit under the weather and keeping up with regular tasks in addition to the extra things that come with the holidays has taken it’s toll.  I have been hearing a whisper in my ear to remember this season and what happened to us four years ago.

You see, four years ago during this time we were introduced to a precious little boy looking for a forever home.  My life was thrown a curve ball and it was, as I reflect, one of the most treasured times that I can remember – with it being Christmas.  


As I look over some photos of when Jacob first arrived in our home, tears form and I began to not only remember but FEEL that time, deeply.   (I managed to dig up a few, sorry they are a bit blurry).  Sometimes we really need to take the time to let our hearts open back up and feel.  I can be really good at stuffing things, thus not allowing good or bad to flow out or in.  It is something God is working with me on.

I remember getting to know this 12 month old little boy, playing with him on the floor, adjusting to his behaviors which were a little different than what I was used to, listening to Christmas music in the background and eventually helping him transition into our home full time.  I would never in a million years imagined I would become the mom of a little 12 month old.  I had no idea what God still needed to develop in my life, and still don’t.

I shared the complete story in a blog post and you can read that if you missed it before.  God weaving an amazing story that I often take for granted and unfortunately forget.

As a mom who has older kids, this time of year can honestly get a bit more tedious than joyous.  I hate to admit that, but I am.  The chore of decorating for some reason this year has become overwhelming….. I am thankful for a husband who is willing to push ahead when I am worn out.

So I truly believe that God is whispering into my ear to slow down, focus on what it was like four years ago.   The wonderment of a new person entering our life, the incredible grace of our God to bless me with this little boy who challenges me everyday to be more of who God wants me to be.  

I need to reflect…. to slow down…. to remember.  God is trying to weave my story even more with His influence and amazing grace, if I just listen and respond.

Is God trying to whisper in your ear – are you ready to listen?  Or are you like me and being a bit stubborn?  

How can you take some time to allow His voice to be heard in all the busy and overwhelm?

12 Homemade {DIY} Gifts With Essential Oils



It’s that time of year to begin thinking about gift giving – unless you are an early bird and have all your shopping done!  I often do, but this year I have fallen behind schedule more than I care to admit.

So if you are like me and want to be frugal in your gift giving but really share something that can be helpful to a friend or loved one, I know you are gonna love this post with some homemade gifts using essential oils.  You know I am not a big DIY’er and really stretch myself when I do, but I have found when I take the time to make gifts myself they mean more to me and I know are loved by those receiving.

When you add therapeutic grade essential oils to homemade recipes you are truly adding ‘drops of love’ into your gift.  

I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!!


Bath Bombs


Peppermint Twist Face & Body Scrub


Men’s Shaving Cream


Homemade Body Butter


Lime and Mint Foot Scrub


Scented Room Spray


Peppermint Cocoa Lip Balm


Detox Bath in a Jar


Foaming Hand Soap


Mason Jar Oil Candles


Moisturizing Body Wash


Lavender Linen Spray

I use and recommend only Young Living essential oils . All of these recipes can be made using Young Living essential oils and I plan to doing just that!  :-)

If you would like to read the other posts I’ve shared on how I use essential oils in my home with my family and how you can get your own essential oils, click here!  I have a great BONUS for those who join in December… truly the BEST one I’ve ever offered.


Do you have a favorite DIY gift idea that is made with essential oils?  I would love to add to the list!