eMeals 7 Day Challenge – Wanna Join Me?



I shared at the end of 2013 in a post about eMeals and their terrific meals plans that center around eating better for your body.  I personally use the PALEO plan and really enjoy it. It makes it easier for me to eat Paleo and feed my family.  The meals are yummy, my family is eating PALEO and they don’t really understand the benefit, but that is okay, because I do!  They even had a very hard time determining that the topping on the Paleo Shephards Pie  {an eMeals recipe!} was in fact mashed cauliflower and not mashed potatoes!  

Are you looking to make a switch in your diet and caring better for your body?  I am thrilled to share that eMeals has come up with a 7 Day Challenge for both Clean Eating as well as a Paleo Plan – and they are offering the full week’s menu plan for FREE!

I am planning to do the 7 day challenge for Paleo beginning on Monday, January 20th – will you join me?  You can pick the Clean Eating Plan or the Paleo Plan, it is up to you.


I printed out the Paleo Jump Start Guide which was 11 pages – this is full on press ladies!!  

For both 7 day challenge plans you get:

  • An overview of the plan (either Clean Eating or Paleo)
  • Weekly Eating Outline Template
  • 7 Breakfast Recipes
  • 7 Lunch Recipes
  • 7 Dinner Recipes

Not sure which plan to pick?

What Can Paleo Do for You? 

Helps control your weight

A diet high in protein from meat and eggs and high in fiber from fruits and vegetables will help you feel full longer while eating fewer calories and stabilizes your blood sugar to help avoid cravings.  I have noticed an incredible decrease in my afternoon cravings and also love that what I do eat is HIGH in nutrient value.

Stay energized all day

By avoiding refined carbohydrates and those foods that amount to wasted calories, you increase your energy level and avoid the afternoon slump.

Reasons to Eat Clean

Help control your weight

A diet high in fiver from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans can help you feel full longer while eating fewer calories.

Reduce your risk of chronic diseases

When you take care of your body by giving it real food, it is amazing how it will respond!  You won’t get sick as often and can really reduce the chances of big time disease.

Ensure that you feel your best every day

A balance of whole grains, protein, and fiber helps you stay energized throughout the day and sleep better at night. Give your body GOOD food!

Ready to take the 7 day challenge with me?  Go over and start by picking a plan either Paleo 7 Day Challenge or Clean Eating 7 Day Challenge and then download the Challenge Jump Start Guide and get ready.  

To be honest, I am altering the PALEO plan just a bit and will be able to use leftovers on a few of the days.  If I were to go strictly off the plan as is, I would blow our family budget for the week.  So take a look, make what changes you need to do and let’s do this for 7 days – that is all – 7 days, then see how you feel!

If your not up for the challenge, no worries – maybe you will love knowing that eMeals just released a new store plan – the Costco meal plan!!

Through 1/31, eMeals is offering 15% off your order when you enter code DINNER15 at checkout, which will make any of eMeals Menu Plans as low as $4.11 per month!  You also have the choice to add in a breakfast, lunch and dessert plan if you like too, making meals a breeze at your house!

If you hate planning meals, working out a weekly menu and want to change your eating, but are not sure where to start – this method is WAY cheaper and a better value than any diet planning service you will find! 

If you would like some simple ideas on making family dinner more fun, I am sharing over on the eMeals blog today too!

I’ve been a faithful eMeals subscriber for over 4 years and it has made my life much easier!  Click here to learn more about my love for this amazing, time and money-saving meal planning service.

Main image courtesy of eMeals

Creating a Happy and Organized Home



Hopefully you’ve managed to grab yourself a copy of the 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner for FREE {and perhaps even grabbed the Supplemental kit for only $6} and are ready to tackle the New Year.  I am thrilled with what you all are sharing with me on how your first week went….

This is my second year using your planner and I love it! I also am currently reading The Christian Homemakers Handbook, after you had posted on it this past summer, and I love it!   Thank you!!!

LOVE the planner!! I’ve been looking forward to doing my planned “chores” each day and no longer feel like I need to do EVERYTHING EVERY DAY! I suddenly have so much more time in my day and my house is still getting taken care of Thank you so much for offering this to us for free!!

So excited! My first week of the new year with The Confident Mom Household planner was a success. Along with help from my boys, we crossed everything off the list.

Love my Confident Mom planner. I went with the free one and it’s perfect for keeping me organized. Not everything gets crossed off…but that’s okay.  The world won’t end.

So how can you find happiness and success among your to-do list in the planner?

Get a Plan

Whether you print one page of the planner out a week, or print the entire contents out and put it in a binder, find a method that will work for you.  No one likes to get re-organized each week – so pick a method and go with it.  My method is to print the year out, take it to Staples and spiral bind it for $4.  I can then write all over it and I actually will keep my previous years planners because of all the notes I’ve written on the pages.  I am also a big fan of the just tell me what to do version – that is my kinda gig!


Maybe you are a print each week as you go so you can type in the editable fields kids gal – then do that.  Post it on the refrigerator or place it in a notebook.  I have also heard from moms that have been able to use the planner pages on their tablets - 

  • If you have a tablet, like an iPad you can use the Weekly Household planner “paperless” with any app that allows you to “write” on a PDF – for example Notability.
  • On the Kindle, you can download “Note Everything” for free and use it too!

I have not done this myself, and will likely experiment with this, but if you have had success please share in the comments so you might be able to help another mom out.  In addition, many have downsized the planner pages, but changing the printer settings on their printers, for example – printing two of the pages on one 8 X 11 page….if you have done that please share here too!

Give Yourself Grace

I especially love the last comment  - she is right….if all the tasks do not get crossed off each day – the world won’t end!  You need to be real with yourself and have realistic expectations each day {I shared a post on this last year that was very helpful} – your home is not like your friends’ home or the mom who is sharing on Facebook about how she managed to get all ten of her kids to complete the entire task list for the week in one day – you are you.

You need to realize each day is different and if you do not get it crossed off – oh well!  This is a guide – not a mandate!  I have placed tasks on the planner in a reasonable order and frequency to allow your home to stay picked up, tidy and in order, but if you miss a few things here and there – things will not fall apart.  Just pick up the next day and move on.


You will need to gain help – in one form or another.  I shared a post last year about delegating more tasks in your Weekly Household Planner – this is key.  You are doing a big favor for yourself, but also one for your children if you bring the entire family into play when helping to keep your home in order.  They will earn life skills that will anchor them to be responsible adults when they leave home.

You can use color coded highlighters to delegate tasks for each child – this is one way to share in the process.  Allow your children to pick one task out of each day that they can help with and then when all the tasks are done, do something fun together – like a game, make a snack or get outside to ride bikes.  

Working together for the better good of the whole is a great family lesson to teach at home.

Quick Tips

For many weeks on end I posted a Weekly Household Quick Tip each Monday as we ventured through the planner the past two years.  If you need some inspiration, just type Weekly Household Quick Tip in the search bar in the upper right corner and get some encouragement or find a tip for a certain task listed in the planner.  Need a natural Laundry Rinse that is  inexpensive and easy to use, how about some ideas on how to begin your quiet time routine, or cleaning the garage?  There is a lot of great information buried in these pages – just type a search word and phrase and hit go! 

Top 10 Posts from 2013



Welcome to a new week wonderful ladies!  Is it just me or is everyone looking forward to getting back to a routine?  Oh my goodness…this Christmas break was so long for me!

I thought it would be fun to highlight the 10 Top Posts from 2013, especially since we have a lot of new moms who have discovered The Confident Mom – woo-hoo!  I love that everyone is excited to begin their New Year with a laid out plan to help organize their home management tasks with the Weekly Household Planner.  So far the free household planner has been downloaded over 30,000.  That makes my heart smile big, even with all the technical issues – thank you for your grace!


1.  Breaking Free from Depression – Naturally


Easy-Homemade-Body Wash

2.  DIY  *Good For You* Body Wash



3.  Four Tips to Better Consistency



4.  Weekly Household Quick Tip – Creating Routines



5.  Answer the Call to Serve


My Dad

6.  Four Things I Learned from My Dad



7.  The Christian Homemakers Guide



hand of young  woman  melancholy and sad  at the window in the rain

8.  My Struggle with Sin



9.  You’re a Good Dog Riley – We Will Miss You!


Feet soaking in spa bath with space for text

10.  20 Ways to Take Care of Mom


FREE 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner



For those on my newsletter list (make sure you get signed up because you will be kept in the loop of all new products and also get a special discount code!!), you already got the word about the 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner being available – I was thrilled with your response and excitement.  

For those who looked for the 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner mid-way through the year and didn’t find it for sale, I appreciate that you came back.

Ladies, this project was a labor of love on my part and I felt an obligation and a leading from The Lord to bring it  back for you in 2014 – even better and more versatile.  I was met with several significant obstacles with my 2013 planner and had some very difficult choices with regard to this product for 2014.  After much prayer, legal counsel, advice and a clear directing from the Lord, I knew the direction to go for 2014.  It required a lot of time and work on my part to create a product that you would love and I know would help even more moms, and also,…..here it the most incredible part –  I was to give it away for free.

So, if you haven’t already heard, the 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner  is available in two different versions that are completely FREE!  Yep, FREE!  I am so excited to share this resource with you and the other moms who perhaps could not afford to purchase a planner to help them get their home under control.  

FREE Household planner with digitally editable fields

You can also digitally customize your Weekly Household Planner—plus receive TWO versions (both for free)! The “blank” version allows you to digitally add whatever daily tasks fit your household. The “suggested tasks” version (or as I like to call it, the “just tell me what to do” version!) has daily tasks already filled in for you, but you can still add, delete, and edit any of the tasks. It’s the best of both worlds!

As always I want to use your time wisely.  This weekly planner breaks down household tasks into manageable daily and weekly bite size pieces, utilizing smaller increments of time to keep the tasks from becoming too large and overwhelming. Most of the items can be easily completed in 3 to 30 minutes, and you can select appropriate items to delegate to family members (after all, even with the household planner, you still can’t be “super mom”).

In addition, I’ve created the Weekly Household Planner Supplement to help you further organize your household!

If you need help keeping track of schedules and information in your home, you’ll want to be sure to check this out. It compliments the Weekly Household Planner and gives you a full family household binder. It includes all of last year’s worksheets, plus a new party planner worksheet, Bible bookmarks, and a grocery/menu planner. And ALL the worksheets now include digital fill-in forms making it easier for you to add all your information!

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, hop over to the page to download your FREE copy now.  If you are interested in the supplemental kit, you can grab both the FREE planner and the Supplemental kit for only $6 total.  Print it out and then you will be set for 2014.

family planner and files to get organized

I normally print out my entire year at once on my home computer. I print it in color, because I like the added ‘pizazz’ the color adds, even if it is a bit more cost for ink.  But you can always print in black and white.  I print it on my own home printer and then take the pages to Staples and have it spiral bound for about $4.  The other printable forms in the Supplemental Kit can be contained in a 3 ring binder or used separately or create a thick spiral binder and add them into place with the Weekly Household Planner.

Watch the Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner Pinterest board for my new spiral bound version for 2014 – I will post pictures and more pictures of the additional forms too, I just didn’t have time to do it all before Christmas!

Are you ready to get organized for 2014???

Become a Frugalista — On sale $.99



My book, Become a Frugalista – Money -Saving Secrets for the Frugal Family Manager  available on kindle is discounted today through Sunday.  If you do not have a copy yet, you will want to get it today – as it is the lowest price!  .  Did you know you can easily gift a kindle book to a friend too?  All you need is their email address!   What a great gift for only $.99 – I’m sure they will appreciate all the money saving tips they will get!

Become a Frugalista — Money-Saving Secrets for the Frugal Family Manager has 30 chapters that are chock full of ways to get more for your hard-earned dollar and do more with your family for less money.

Throughout these 30 chapters, I cover the following topics:

  • Keeping a budget and earning extra money
  • Saving money on entertainment, eating out, and travel
  • Saving money on cooking and grocery shopping
  • Saving money on household expenses
  • Extra saving secrets (additional tips, tricks, and secrets)

Tips, techniques, and systems you’ll learn during your journey to become a frugalista include:

  • How to earn free money
  • Selling items online for extra cash
  • Taking advantage of credit card cash-back programs
  • Purchasing and utilizing gift cards
  • Getting more bang for your buck
  • Double and triple dipping to save more faster
  • Saving money on family vacations
  • Effectively saving with coupons
  • How club memberships can save you money
  • How to save money on health-related items/prescriptions
  • Utilizing websites that can save you money, including links to several sites I personally use or suggest looking into
  • How to cut back on things you must have
  • And many more!

In Become a Frugalista — Money-Saving Secrets for the Frugal Family Manager, I share how these money-saving secrets supported me during my time as a single mother and how they are helping me see one of my long-time dreams come true today. Saving money is never easy, but these techniques worked for me and I believe they can help anyone that puts their mind to becoming a frugalista!

Hop over and get your copy or gift a copy to a friend today!

Don’t have a Kindle – don’t’ worry.  You can download an APP to read on any device!