10 Blessings for Your Home FREE Printable


10 Blessings for Your Home FREE Printable

Do you need a little inspiration?

Some direction in how to pray blessings over your home?

Here’s a simple printable I created to help you keep focused in your prayers and stay determined in your role as a mom. Motherhood and homemaking are tough – some days are easy, some days are extremely difficult. I get it. I’ve been there.

I hope you find this little bit of encouragement a bright spot in your day. Print it out, place it in a location you can see it, and spend 30 seconds praying one of these blessings for your home throughout the day.

Click here to download the PDF.

10 Blessings for Your Home FREE Printable

It’s Time to Get Ready for Back to School


Get Ready for Back to School with The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide

It’s that time of year (whether you want to believe it or not) – time to consider Back to School season!

Don’t sweat it – I’ve got you covered.

I am thrilled to share with you that the updated version of The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide is ready! I’ve been working to get all of the PDF printable forms converted to fillable PDFs that you can edit directly from your computer. If you don’t have a copy, you will want to check it out! (If you’ve purchased this in the past, you will be getting an updated file in your email, as long as you are still on my newsletter list).

The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide provides proven tips, tools, and step-by-step instructions to help you and your child(ren) be as prepared as possible – and create a more organized home in the process. I certainly do not know it all, but I do have a few years under my belt for getting kids ready for school – 19 years to be exact!

So let me tell you what this eBook has that you need.

The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide (created by someone who’s been there) has real, usable tools that will make the transition from summer to school easier.

A downloadable PDF, The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide is available to download immediately after your purchase so you can begin preparing right away.

The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival GuideAnd now The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide has fill-in forms! If you’ve used this guide before, I’ve made a very important upgrade that will make your life easier! All the worksheets, planners, and agendas are now fill-in PDF forms. No more handwriting everything if that’s not your style – just type in the boxes, save, and print!

Your purchase includes:

  •       The Confident Mom Back 2 School Survival Guide eBook
  •       Student Planner
  •       Master Family Planner
  •       Routine Checklists
  •       School Information Sheet
  •       Schedule Adjustment Worksheet
  •       Countdown Maze
  •       My Favorites Lunch Planning Worksheet
  •       Grocery Planner
  •       Family Fun Worksheet
  •       Family Meeting Agenda
  •       School Goals Worksheet
  •       Classmate Contact Sheet
  •       Important Dates At-A-Glance Sheet
  •       Lunchbox Notes, Jokes, and Quotes
  •       Note to Teacher Form

If you are ready to get organized, head over to this page and scroll to the bottom to get your copy now. You’ll be able to immediately download everything listed above after your purchase.

My Easy Window Washing Secret Revealed


I really hate window washing – and truly hate climbing a ladder to wash high outdoor windows.  So when my hubby and I came up with a solution to washing our high windows that get layered with salt spray that actually worked fabulously, I knew I had to share.  It is my easy window washing secret!

We own a little vacation home on the Washington coast, which will sometime in the future be a full time home for us, when we escape city life and settle down for life in the small beach  community, called Seabrook.  I shared a bit of our story on how we saved our pennies for years to get the funds for this dream of mine in my ebook, Become a Frugali$ta.  It was a true sacrifice and took planning and a blessing from the Lord as well.

Until we move to this spot full time, we rent our home – so we take pride in keeping it in tip top shape, which includes having windows that sparkle so you can see the ocean view.  (About a year ago, The House Of Turquoise shared our home on her blog, it was a fabulous coincidence – so jump over and take a peak inside!)

Okay, back to washing windows!!!

We have developed a system for our outside high and low windows which makes washing them very simple and frugal.  We use Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner, which is a concentrated cleaner, so we can mix up just the right solution we need to get the scum off our windows.  We also use this cleaner for all other household cleaning, like tubs, showers, toilets, floors, counters, inside widows, dusting, ovens and more.  We do not buy any other cleaner now.

Why do I love Thieves?

It has incredible cleansing power and an even safer, more sustainable formulation. It contains ingredients from renewable plant and mineral sources, vegetable-based surfactants, and Thieves and lemon essential oils for extra cleaning power.  It is an all-in-one solution for all surfaces.  No toxins, no chemicals and no risk!

I love this simple chart explaining the cost savings of it versus other cleaners that Niki Faris created.

Yep, it is a cost saver, plus it is safe for our entire family – even our pets.  (By the way, I really love it for pet stains too – it is amazing in the carpet cleaner!)  And even though this video is for washing outside windows, it is just as easy to use indoors and I either use a rag and wipe clean or use the squeegee that comes in the kit I share about below.

Here is a short video showing how we use this tool, the Ettore 17050 All Purpose Window Cleaning Combo Kit and the cleaner to wash our windows at our beach home.  It is easy, quick and effective.

To view the video, you will want to click thru to the blog post.  There is a bit of wind noise, as it is always breezy at the beach, but you will hear me explaining the process.

Isn’t that fabulously easy?

For those who want to know where to grab some Thieves Household Cleaner,  you can get it as a retail customer with Young Living or at a savings of 24% with your wholesale membership.

Young Living offers a Premium Starter kit with Thieves, so if you are not ready to jump into an oily starter kit, you surely can check out the Thieves Starter Kit!  It is filled with foaming hand soap, thieves spray, hand purifier, toothpaste, mouthwash, Thieves essential oil, a bottle of Stress Away and some sample sachets and sample vials so you can share!

I am offering a fabulous way to get started from today until the last day of July – you can also great some extra bonuses when you purchase ANY of the Premium Starter kit, you can view them all HERE.

Also, if you decide to add to your Starter Kit order, you could earn a FREE bottle of Thieves cleaner too – with the special promos that Young Living offers it’s members!!!  Ask me more on that if you are interested to get the biggest bang for your buck, you’ll need a 250 PV order and you will also receive a FREE 5 ML bottle of Ravintsara essential oil too!

Homemaking Accountability ROCKS!


A few months back I was contacted by a mom, Bonnie in my community who wanted to provide some additional support for other moms who used The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner.  She had a brilliant idea to create a Facebook page.  So Confident Mom Cleaning was born!  It is a Facebook page offering accountability for those who are following The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner.  She shares a lot of encouragement for you and lists the tasks for each day as well.

I wanted to highlight this little known feature – many have no idea this exists – so thought it would be fun to share in it’s own exclusive blog post and allow you to get to know Bonnie just a little bit better.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Bonnie and I live in Nebraska with my husband and toddler.  I’m mostly a SAHM, but I also am a Norwex indpenedent sales consultant and am in the middle of studying to be a pre and post natal fitness specialist.  I enjoy spending time with family, reading, being outdoors, and blogging (www.lifewithyou1222.com).  While cleaning house isn’t always my favorite thing to do, I enjoy the ideas and methods that make it more enjoyable.  Plus having a clean house afterward is always great. 😉
Why did you decide to start the Facebook community?
I was tired of feeling like my house was constantly getting the better of me.  I had tried the Confident Mom planner last year and really enjoyed it.  Things got busy and I fell off the bandwagon, but I decided to pull it out again.  Since things are always better with accountability, I thought a Facebook page would help! 
What types of things do you post in the group?
I typically post twice a day.  In the morning, I post the specific tasks for that day, as well as the weekly tasks.  In the evening, I have a check-in post (usually accompanied by a funny or inspirational picture just for fun) as a last-minute reminder to get the last few things checked off the list.
How could having a larger community help influence others in their home management?
Positive peer pressure!  Surrounding yourself with people with a common goal rubs off on you.  Facebook pages aren’t always the greatest way to build relationships and check in, but the knowledge that there are a couple hundred other ladies working on the exact same tasks with the exact same goal is pretty encouraging and motivating.  And then when you have a friend who says, “Hey, how is your house always so clean?” you can say, “Let me tell you about the Confident Mom Planner….” 😉

To join the page just GO HERE!  You will find a wonderful community who will cheer you on each day.  

If you are still juggling caring for your home without this FREE planner – be sure to go grab a copy now!!  Just print the portion left of the year – it gets you started and I know you will not be sorry!

6 Strategies To Maximize Your Time



There is no denying in the truth of the saying, “Time is gold.”

You never seem to get enough of time. Even if you are given thirty hours in a day, you still won’t be able to get enough of it. Somehow, some things will come up and you will end up wanting more time. Time is a precious commodity. Once it’s gone, it cannot be recovered.

The fact is: when you are busy, time flies swiftly. But when you are not, time seems to be at a stand still. This is true when you are killing time because there is nothing else to do under the circumstances.

How do you maximize the use of your time? It would be worth your time to consider the following strategies:

Check your schedule at the start of the day or the evening before.

Review it in its entirety. You may notice that portions of your day may be hectic, while some may not be too frenzied. Distribute your activities evenly throughout the day as much as possible and anticipate things going haywire!


The key to getting the most done is knowing what’s a priority and what can wait. Experts suggest that you divide your to-do list into three sections: those things that need to be taken care of immediately, those that can get done anytime during the week, and those that are long-term or ongoing projects.  I have found when I STAR items that are critical to get done, I have more success at getting more of my list completed.

Jot things down to keep your brain free!

Keep note pads handy or your smart phone so you can get those little “things” that pop into your mind – OUT OF IT and written down somewhere.  I use the notes feature on my phone to keep track of all those little “to-dos” and ideas that pop in my head when I am out and about.

Be creative.

Time is an element when simple creativity can be put to practice. For example, you have thank you cards to write for a recent party – but have to be out at appointments with your kids – be sure to take the note cards along with you.  You can write while waiting. I love multi-tasking in that way.  I also find these snippets of time good for reading or listening to audio books.

Think ahead. 

I enjoy looking for ways to delete steps from a task or cut the amount of time I spend on a task. For instance, I look for ways to prepare as much as I can for morning the night before. Or set the table for the next meal with the dishes you unload from the dishwasher, or clean the shower when I finish my shower, then I am already in and can get it done right.


I talk about this one often, and I am happy to report I am getting better at it!  Look at your list for the day and why not give everyone a job. Whether it’s sorting laundry, emptying the garbage, putting away groceries, or vacuuming the family room, there are chores that even the littlest of helpers can do.  I love that you can color code and highlight tasks in The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner  (which by the way is a free resource for you!) and allow others in your home to help out!

Time is something you could never have enough of, we all feel that way.  However, you become wise when you choose to maximize it.