5 Strategies for the Introverted Mom



Okay, I am going to come clean right at the beginning of this post, I am mainly writing this post to fulfill a need and reminder for myself.  I am tired and exhausted from working a bit too much and not allowing enough time for my body to rejuvenate.

I know there are many moms who can relate and probably need the reminder and permission to give their body the space it needs to thrive.  Self-care often gets put at the bottom of the list, which is a big problem.

I’ve just returned from a marriage conference, which I will share about on Thursday – and I am tried.  Don’t get me wrong, the conference was great, I connected and spent intentional time with my husband, but I also entertained people, gathered in large crowds and was on the go since the time we left home.  These kinds of activities are exhausting for me as an introvert.  If I am not careful I can easily become overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted and depression can sneak it’s way in.

Before that I was working 8-10 hours a day on my business and picking up the extra pieces that I could.  Thank goodness my husband is home on vacation to provide back up support for me and our family.

But it reminded me and got me thinking that there are things I need to do for myself so that I can be the best mom for my family and also, the best wife too – and one of those things is to find time to be alone!

How can you do that in a house full of kids?  Let’s look at the ways and hopefully one of my suggestions will peek your interest and you can put a plan into action to achieve that needed break.

Evening Bath

This is something that I had put into religious practice for months, but in the past month, I have not given my body the gift of a nice bath.  To be honest, by the time things get settled down in the evening I am too tired to go through the hassle, but I know my body craves the comfort of the quiet, the benefits of the essential oils I use to revive my cells and also the refreshment it provides.

I’ve made excuse after excuse, as we all do.  Well, tonight, I am not making an excuse and will get the job done.

Morning Quiet Time

This one is like a broken record from me – but yes, even I get caught up in the everyday and want to sleep in past my alarm!  With the travel schedule I’ve had in the past several weeks, my body is not back to it’s regular rhythm and I just need my sleep.  I feel it is important to recognize that need your body is craving, but also to realize when it is just a “lazy” excuse to lay in bed.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth with my ‘get-up’ time in the morning and will be catching only a few minutes of quiet time….and my day is reflective of what that quiet time quantity is.  So starting Monday (the morning you are reading this) I am back to my usually 5:30 AM get up – reading God’s word, sipping my coffee with delight and enjoy the peaceful morning before the house begins to bustle.  It is critical for my attitude and my success during the day.


I love music and it is like ‘oil to my soul‘.  Pandora is my favorite place to peruse and be inspired.  To gather courage and energy for my day.  If I had to choose between having a TV or a good stereo in my main living area – it would be a stereo for sure.  Some of my favorite stations to tune in are:  Keola Beamer, JJ Weeks Band, Hillsong United,  or Spa Suite Studio.  It is amazing how my attitude changes and my energy goes up when I turn on my music.  Even for my 4 year old, it sets a tone for the time we are together.

Afternoon Quiet Play

For days when there is  no school, it can seem for me, that the day goes on forever and ever.  I have to give myself some quiet rest from talking, noise and activity.  So it can mean several different things – either my little one plays in his room, looks at books or takes a break with my iPad while I refresh myself with some time being on my own.  {Yes, I use an iPad  - but it is limited}.

Allowing my little guy to run around the backyard too is now another option since the weather is nice again.  I can easily watch him while he hits a baseball or plays golf for 30 minutes, while I make a cup of tea and sip it in peace.


Getting physical is a must for me – not only to refill my introverted self, but as a stress reliever.  I am much better at handling noise, little people and the extra stuff that comes from having a house full of people.  This takes planning and intention on my part.  When I do not make it a priority I cannot blame someone else, it is my fault. 

The other day I was feeling a bit irritated that I wasn’t going to get my workout in and then I decided to try something new.  I told my little guy that we were doing a work out together and so we did.  I started my Jillian Michaels’ workout, {love that I can watch it for free with Amazon Prime!} he got to play on my pilates mat that I have to do the floor portion of the work out with.  I told him he could work out on the mat until I needed it, then he would have to move aside while I did that part, but then he could go back.  All was good and we had a great time!

Are you an introverted mom?  

What strategies help you fill your soul and energize you?  

As a last resort, I also love getting away for a weekend, this is the ultimate pleasure!  I am fortunate as I can make this happen a couple times a year, especially when I am working on a project for the blog or writing a new book – it is very good use of my time and allows me to be more creative when I only have to worry about myself.   {I think I may be overdue for a weekend away!}

If you are considering getting rid of the toxins in your home, today is the last day to grab yourself a Premium Starter kit with Young Living and grab two free bonuses from me, A Pocket Reference Guide and The Chemical Free Home.  I shared last week my DIY body wash recipe and there were 29 other great recipes shared too!


6 Simple Devotionals for Busy Moms



Many moms feel a bit lost when it comes to implementing a devotional routine.  It can seem overwhelming when you consider all the other areas we are in charge of and adding one more thing to the list can seem just a bit too much.  We just tend to put it off.    

In the Weekly Household Planner there is a daily task to check off for Personal Quiet Time.  Ladies, this is not a choice, you need to be getting your strength and refreshment from His word.  Don’t think that the other tasks on your daily task list are more important than that one, they are not!

For myself, I have made it a top priority to spend time in His word each day – for several years, and for the most part I have been pretty successful.   I can tell a big difference in my day when I take the time to spend intentional time seeking God’s will,  learning and being available to Him.

I started to be more consistent in my devotional time when I read the bible in 90 days for the first time – I had to set a time each day to read and when I didn’t I regretted it. Even after finishing two sessions of reading the bible in 90 days, I continued a regular morning routine and practice of reading the bible and other devotional material.  It has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and for my family.

Do you have a good routine going?  If not pick a time that will work best for you.  If you are at a loss at the what to read, let me share with you a few of my favorite devotionals for busy moms.  I have cycled through these books and resources over the years, using them alone or combining them for longer devotional times.

For 2014, I am using the YouVersion bible APP, where I will alternate between several short devotions as well as reading Jesus Calling – it’s going to be great!

Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling

I so enjoy the words that Sarah Young puts to the page in this devotional.  I have this book both in print as well as on my kindle.  The days reading is short but impactful – perfect for a busy mom.   As you read it feels like Jesus is talking just to you – it is remarkable and a great place to jump off to do a bit of journaling each day too.  You get one devotional for each day of the year – and you can start at anytime!  At the time of this post the kindle version of Jesus Calling was only $3.99.


The Quiet Place

I read this book in 2013 – Nancy Leigh DeMoss does an incredible job of teaching from the scripture she is referring to.  I really enjoyed how she shared so many personal stories and really made me feel like I was sitting right next to her each morning with my cup of coffee.  Another great devotional to add to your collection.  At the time of posting the kindle version of The Quiet Place was only $2.99.  I was given this book as a gift in the imitation leather bound – which was a very nice gift (just in case you still need to grab something for someone!)


Wife After God

Wife After God is a refreshing and inspirational 30 day marriage devotional for wives who desire to have a deeper more fulfilling relationship with God and their husbands.  I read this back in October and it challenged me with each page to be a better wife and more grace-filled.  This is one to keep on hand and read over and over again.  I plan to read it again in February in honor of Valentines Day.  You can grab a copy of Wife After God on kindle right now for only $.99.


When Motherhood Feels Too Hard

I read this book for the first time almost 3 years ago.  It is the perfect size for a busy mom, the entries to read are short and to the point and resonate to clearly for most any season of motherhood.  Kelly Crawford has a special ability to make even the most frustrating parts of being a mom, less frustrating and less guilt inducing.  This is a keeper to read over and over again.  Perfect for a new mother too!  At the time of positing When Motherhood Feels Too Hard on kindle was $4.97.


Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess

This book speaks to mothers like no other book does.  No matter your current situation, you will identify with each story and personal account that is shared.  The authors are genuine and you realize they are walking the same path you are, and you are refreshed with hope amid the exhausting days of motherhood.  If you are looking for REAL, this is the book for you.  At the time of posting the kindle version of Hope for the Weary Mom was $4.75.

You Version Bible 

This is an incredible bible app that is easy and simple to use.  It is an ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life.  There are so many different devotional plans available, I typically have 2-3 going on at the same time.  You can easily subscribe to a plan, compare different versions of the bible at a touch of your finger and get deeper into understanding God’s word.  Download it once and it interchanges between your phone, iPad and computer.  Read from any spot and it remembers.  They also just came out with a Kids Bible APP too.

So, what new devotional will you use to help you grow in 2014?

Gain More by Losing the Excess



I told you that today I was going to talk about taking better care of your body, and like I said yesterday….. it’s not all about losing weight.  Although it seems like that is on almost everyone’s New Years list, I have a real problem with so much focus being on “how much you weigh” and I want to share with you how you might consider changing a few things on how you nurture your body with regard to food choices and having a plan.

A few months ago I shared how I was rather fed up with my body.  I had been struggling with a few extra pounds and just felt out of energy and frustrated.  I know you can relate!  We all experience this at different times.

I was fortunate enough to run across this 30 day PALEO challenge and decided it was time to jump in.  I got a girlfriend of mine onboard to join me, as we both had read how Paleo can really benefit those who struggle to fight different autoimmune conditions, as well as many other benefits.  I did the 30 days, lost 8 pounds and was very happy.   It began a larger journey for me – really thinking more consciously about the food I was putting in my body as well as my family.

If you are looking to make some changes for the New Year, I suggest to make small changes so they can last.  When we try to overhaul in a BIG way, we often fail.  We lose momentum and get discouraged.  I don’t want that for you.

Get a Plan

One of the things that can be hard with changing habits is just developing new habits to take the place of the old ones!  With regard to eating….this is key.  If you know you would like to eat healthier to feel better or to lose some weight, then you have to have a plan.  I hate coming up with my own plans, I can’t wing it.  I just want to be told what to do, what to eat and what exercise to fit into my daily schedule.  One of the things that worked so well for me was following the 30 day Paleo Challenge and then switching to the eMeals Paleo Meal plan – I didn’t have to think about making it all work!

If you are unfamiliar with eMeals they are a site that will give you a weeks menu plan, complete with recipes, grocery shopping list – all done for you.  You can print the information out or have it on their great APP – which is really handy to access anywhere.


They just released a new 500 calorie meal plan, perfect if you are looking to simply reduce calorie intake.  This meal plan includes a grocery list itemized by section of the store, 7 healthy main dish recipes and sides, and is a simple tool to help you get organized and lose weight in 2014! You can choose to get this meal plan for a family or for 1-2. Each recipe and meal as a whole is broken down with a calorie count to help you track and measure your goals. It’s never been easier – they do all the work for you!  You can join now, and enjoy any plan for 15% off using the code DINNER through January.  You can also change your meal plan too!

Stay Focused

As with any goal you truly have to be focused and committed.  If you are looking to change your eating habits, then make that the focus.  If you can add in some movement each day – do that.  If it is too much to do at the beginning then stick with one area.  If you try to do too much at once, then you will get overwhelmed and quite.  I hear this over and over again from moms…..and I know I struggle with it myself.

So if changing your eating is goal #1, focus there.   If getting your body moving is goal #1, focus there.  Do not stretch yourself thin ladies….have grace with yourself and be realistic.

Each Day is New

This is a biggie – we will fail – every single one of us – we will cheat, eat something we shouldn’t have, but life goes on.  You need to stay committed and realize that each day is new and you do not need to hold onto the mistake you made yesterday.  Begin each day new and feel the power that can come from that.  Give yourself lots of grace, encourage yourself with motivation when you are successful.  Find a buddy who you can share both your success and failures with along the way.  It was such a relief when I could share with my friend that I had cheated and “fell off the wagon” when we were trying to be on the strict 30 day Paleo challenge.

Find Your Weakness

Okay, we all have them – chocolate, salty foods, crunchy things – those items that just call our names when we know we cannot have them!  For me, it is salty chips.  They are my downfall….but you know, if I allow myself to have 4-5 chips when I crave them, I can let the craving go.  It isn’t sitting there haunting me every time I walk into the kitchen.  

What is your weakness?  Maybe this is a bigger issue for you?  If it is, I encourage you to participate in this online book study over at Proverbs 31 ministries where they will be studying Lisa Terkeursts’ ”Made to Crave“.  This might be just the study you need to be set free from issues related to food.

made to crave

I pray that whatever your goal is for the New Year that you find encouragement to succeed.  Find a plan, follow a plan and be good to your body.  No one is perfect….so remember that.  Each day is new, so capture the joy in knowing that!

20 Ways to Take Care of Mom


I have to admit, I’ve been running a bit on empty and my nerves are beginning to show it. Stress is rising here and I need some relief!  I have a short fuse with my husband, my temper has been rearing it’s ugly head with my toddler and I am embarrassed to admit last night I yelled so loud at him because he stuck his fingers in his milk….seriously.

I am ashamed of myself, I am the big girl in the scene here, but so often I act like a moron dresssed up like a mom.  I stopped the whole dinner show so I could apologize and make things right, but the damage was already done.  I mess up too ladies, yes….even me the one who helps coach other moms to become calm, cool and confident.  

We are all in this together and I need grace just like you, just like the other mom who is at her wits end and I need it more some days than others.  It is funny, even after I finished reading this great devotional for moms, get pumped up with my worth as a mom, it doesn’t take long for real life to pummel me.

The past few days of low quality parenting on my behalf have led me to re-examine how I am caring for my needs.  I need some time for mama!  I see a direct correlation between placing everyone else’s needs above some of my needs each day when I begin to break apart.

Today I am sharing my tips and ideas on how to implement some simple ways to keep yourself nourished so that you can be the mom your kids needs and even the wife your husband desires.  This list is as much a reminder for me as it is sharing with you.  I hope it ignites some self-care habits! [Read more...]

Getting Back on Track


Hello, it’s me.  Remember, the mom who was worn out, exhausted, frustrated and allowed this blog to become an idol and time consumer for me.

The last time I posted was July 8th, when I shared with you about my frustration and embarrassment of not truly having my priorities in line.  This has happened to me before, unfortunately.  I knew it was time to take a break from blogging and spend some time allowing the Lord to help me re-define what the future was going to look like for me.  Both personally as well as with my ministry here at The Confident Mom.

Looking back in my journal, I see my prayer for July 8th:

Lord,  Help me to prioritize and know what I am to do.  Lead me, speak to me, give me the spirit to hear you.  Every area of my life is open to you; my issues regarding my ministry of both my family and my community.  Give me new resources and refinement in areas concerning how I use my time, how I speak to my family and how I help encourage others.  Please Lord, change my heart to fully understand the weight of what it means to be made in your image.   Thank you Jesus,  Amen

I spent more time seeking Him.  I kept more notes and what I wanted, what I heard and what I felt in my heart.  As I look back through my notes, I see things like: [Read more...]