Obeying God’s Instruction



Do you remember the last time you messed up or missed out on something because of a choice you made?  How about ordering the steak at dinner but then you wonder just right after you order if you really should have ordered the Tilapia?

I could so identify with the story Lysa shared about her daughter in the drive thru line – that overwhelming feeling that perhaps we wish we’d made a different choice.  Now food is rather trivial….. but it gives a clear perspective for us on how in real life we are in situations all the time where we could regret the decisions we’ve made.

“And we girls don’t like feeling we missed out.  Or messed up.  Or misstepped right out of what should have been or what could have been.”

I am a procrastinator with decisions, because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, I get overwhelmed with the ideas and or requests and it paralyzes me.  Can you relate?

I know this book is for me because I am in a season where I truly need to look at what my BEST YES decisions are.  Where does God want me to be, what does He want me to do – or NOT do.

What I highlighted:

“I dread saying yes but feel powerless to say no.”

“We’ll tell you all about our broken places of yesterday but don’t dare admit the limitations of our today.”

“I’m tried.  I’m distracted.  I’m disappointed in myself.  I feel slightly used and more than slightly used up.  I’m a little overwhelmed and a lot worn down.”

“I asked the God of the universe to intersect my life with HIS revelation, then got up from my prayers and forgot to look.”

“Unbroken companionship helps us hear His instruction so then we can see His direction.  We must not seek direction before obeying His instruction.”

“We live reactive lives instead of proactive.  And reactive lives get very exhausting, very quickly.”

Just two weeks ago I sat in the middle of my bible study group and admitted I was worn out, exhausted and barely hanging on.  There were many reasons, some brought on by my own actions and decisions, but a few not, like suffering from a back strain which produced it’s own group of problems.  I hate feeling like that, but am so thankful I could at least admit it to someone.  I am human too, but most of the time expect myself to just be like the energizer bunny….just keep going.

The problem is, at some point you cannot keep going at the same rate and continue to add things to your plate and think it will all work out.  It won’t.

I wonder when I quickly add things without thinking – what am I missing out on that God might have in store for me? I want to learn to truly hear what God is saying to me, not just sitting in the morning and spending time and then leaving it all there – on my nightstand.

That last quote I shared from the book from my highlighted notes – living a reactive life….. yeah, I kinda feel like that is where I am right now….. putting out fire after fire… and it is very exhausting. Perhaps you are in the same boat, just longing for change.  The time is now…. and I am here with – you joining you in the journey.

I pray that during this week you are refreshed with hope – that you can begin right now to start making good decisions, the decisions that really matter in the big scheme.

Be sure to stop over on the Facebook page for conversation on what we are reading.  You’ll love that you are not alone and we are all struggling.

Here is a PDF printable of the Scripture verses I ask about in the Facebook page too, so just in case you didn’t get them there, please download them here!

Extra bonus:  I discovered that Lysa did two sermons at Elevation Church, here is the link to watch BOTH sermons – put the time in your schedule this week to be blessed and refreshed!  {I will be watching both while on the treadmill this week – Yep, that is one of my BEST YES decisions for me}

Week One – The Best Yes


 week one

Here we are – ready to get started?

Even if you do not have your book yet, it is NOT too late to join us.  You can order your book now through amazon and also read the first chapter here.

This week we are reading Chapters 1-3 of The Best Yes

I will post tomorrow some of my thoughts on the weeks reading and each day there will be prompt questions for discussion on the Private Facebook Page – so you’ll want to make sure to check those out.  That is where the bulk of the community and sharing will take place.

For a lot of moms, getting out of the house to do a bible study can be really difficult, this option of participating from home is one that meets the needs of many.  Whether you are a stay at home mom, working outside the home mom or a mom to many little ones – this study is for you!  

I have felt led to have online book and Bible studies on my site now for a year.  We started with our first one, I Used to Be So Organized, by Glynnis Whitwer {you can find week one of that study here}  and then led to No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage {you can find the introduction to that study here} and then most recently 9 Traits of a Life Giving Mom by Sue Detweiler {you can find week one here}.

What I love is that all these studies are here on the blog – even if you come late, or come two years later, you can read through the posts on the books we’ve done and get different perspective from other moms!!  It has been a fun journey and a true blessing for many.

I just love how the Lord takes me on a new journey when I least expect it!

Which leads us to the fourth online book and Bible study – The Best Yes, by Lysa Terkeurst.

A few extra resources available this week:

You can download a FREE chapter from the Study Guide for week one – some of the prompts for the week will come from this resource.  But there are even more ways to dive in a bit deeper.  If you desire a bit more depth, you can order your own copy of the Study Guide that accompanies the book HERE.

Here is a wonderful PDF printable to have handy with ways to say no graciously – so many of us want to help and please others, but when you can learn to say no with grace, it can be done just a bit easier.

A Chase down the decision tool – a fun way to navigate through decisions that need to be made.  You will want to bookmark this beauty!

And for this week, we get to watch the WEEK ONE video that accompanies the book – this is a real treat and unfortunately with this type of online study, we won’t have the other videos available – but this week we do!

If you are reading this in your inbox, you will need to click through to the blog post to watch the video.  


Also this week:

In the Study Guide that accompanies The Best Yes DVD series, there is a suggestion to read the book of Proverbs since it is conveniently divided into thirty-one chapters, perfect to cover in about a month.  I challenge you to read one chapter a day, six to seven days a week over the next five weeks of our study and see how The Lord speaks to you.

Are you up for it?

This week, read Proverbs 1-7 – be sure to journal and share any insight you have either here on this page or the Private Facebook group.

Also, be sure to look at your schedule and find the time to read the chapters for the week.  You will only get out what you PUT INTO this study.  If you do not read the material it will be hard for you to join in on the conversation.  It would be such a huge bummer to miss what you have to say and contribute to others.

I will see you back here tomorrow with my thoughts on this weeks reading.  Be sure to hop over to the Facebook page and introduce yourself too!

When God Allows Pain



You know how God has to ‘allow’ something in your life to get your attention?  I think for me that happened this past week.

  • It was confirmation for me of a few things that had been tossing around in my head:
  • I needed to cut some obligations from my schedule
  • I needed to change my perspective and settle in the simple things

I knew the choice for the next book study here at The Confident Mom was correct for me – especially me – Lysa Terkeurst’s The Best Yes.

You see, my schedule has been jammed packed, my to-do list overloaded and my body beginning to show signs of running out of steam.  I tend to ignore those ‘signs’ as long as I can, but Wednesday morning as I met Shaun T (Focus T25 Shaun T) for my workout, I did a squat and something tweaked in my back.

As the day progressed my back began to fight me and pain wrapped my entire back and spasms began.  I was on my own, as my husband was out of town which made things even more difficult.  I was in severe pain and finding myself desperate for relief. 

I was forced to STOP and do nothing.  Sitting was painful, laying down was a bit more comfortable – but what about my to-do list?  I had blog posts to write, emails to send and work to be done.

But I was forced to stop.

I feel God allowed this back episode to happen in order to get my attention that something needed to change and if I wasn’t going to do it on my own, He would lend a hand.

So this weekend I am reminded of what truly matters and how I need to make time for it.  Interestingly enough I had just made a huge decision for me and turned down an opportunity to travel all expenses paid to Ecuador for a Master Leaders Retreat in November with Young Living.  I had the opportunity to begin living out The Best Yes path – making wise decisions in the middle of all the demands.  

I knew it would be a lot for my family to endure if I left home for a week right before the holiday season.  Even though the learning I would get would be amazing, it is all relative to what I would have to give up to make it happen.  

It just wasn’t something I was comfortable to do.  So I declined the invitation.  I was a bit sad, but I feel confident in my decision now.  Even empowered by it.

You see I need help – EACH AND EVERY DAY to make wise decisions with my time, energy and commitments.  There are so many demands so even though I know this study will help many others, I am doing it selfishly for myself.

I need this help – this reminder, this outline to make decisions that are right for me and my family.

This weekend I had to stop, I was forced to relax (which I do not do very easily I will admit) and seriously enjoyed some time walking the beach, because honestly – it felt much better for my back to walk than sit.  I spent more time just wandering than I would have otherwise.  It was one of the best weekends I’ve had an awhile.  Not what I would have planned, but it was just what God had in my plan.

So get ready for our next online book study, The Best Yes – starting October 20 – November 28, 2014.  It is a 6 week study and I will provide more details on October 16th.  Go grab your book now, either on kindle or paperback and get ready to join me.  We will have a private Facebook page as well – and it will be hosted by other moms who have joined me in the journey.

Isn’t that exciting – that we can all grow together and I have also realized I cannot do it all on my own any more – I need help too!  I had an incredible response to my request to get some help with this next study – I am in awe of how God provides!


I leave you with a quote that is so perfect to sit with until our study begins…… I pray it touches your heart.

And here are a few snapshots of my weekend – things I could have possibly missed if I had been trying to work my “to-do” list instead of having to get out and walk.  What a glorious weekend it was!  {Oh, and a little secret, I slept in both Saturday and Sunday til 7:45 AM!!!}


My 5 Favorite Things RIGHT Now!



When I come across a great find or something that I truly adore, you know I want to let you know about it too!!  That is what community is all about.  So today, I am going to share with you my Five Favorite Things that have caught my eye and helped me with managing my home, being a mom or just taking care of myself a bit better!

1.  Lavender Buckwheat Pillow

I think I may have mentioned this Lavender filled pillow a few years back, well – we still have it and it is going strong.  I love it!  We recently found another use for it and it involves my four year old.  He is now sleeping with this little pillow!  He asked to borrow it one night and it has never come back in our bed!!

My son loves the firmness of the pillow and the size, but most of all – he loves the smell of Lavender and that we re-new the scent using Young Living Lavender essential oil.  Since we began using essential oils almost two years ago, sleep has not been an issue in our house for anyone, but with this pillow, even more so.  I love that he gets to choose between the diffuser {this is our favorite diffuser for bedrooms!} running in his room or using the pillow.  {Sometimes he does get to use both!}

2.  Alaffia Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Body Wash

I ran across this body wash when I was at our local co-op last week and I picked it up after reading the ingredients – I was impressed.  Even more so that it was on sale for only $7.99 – seriously!  When I looked it up on amazon {my favorite go-to place to ship direct to my home, I saw it sold for $15.99}.  Still not incredibly horrible for the type of body wash it is – no synthetic fragrance, Paraben Free, Vegan, Gluten Free and No animal testing, plus it is made local to my area, just south of Seattle in Olympia.    When I don’t have time to make my own DIY Homemade Body Wash, this is the perfect fit for me!


3.  Real Food Planning Challenge

This incredible ebook by Kristin over at one of my ALL TIME favorite blogs, Live Simply is a MUST have for any busy mom who is really trying to feed her family better.  {Raises hand high!}  That is me, and it can be so challenging.  This resource is packed full of custom-designed printables to make the planning and prep just a bit easier.  You get daily step-by-step instructions, recipe cards, a season shopping guide, time saving tips and much more.  I just have cooking for dinner tonight on of the recipes included in her October recipe selections – Beef & Barley Stew, which is available to you for FREE as a subscriber to her blog!  I can’t wait, it smells fabulous and it was easy to do.  Grab your copy now, it’s only $8.99 and is available immediately. 

4.  The Best Yes

I bought the book, but decided to also get it on Kindle AND Audio!!  Yep, cover all my bases so I could let it all sink into my soul in different ways.  This is the next book for our book study and I hope to announce our schedule next week. If you want to get a head start, grab your copy now.  Being able to listen to a book out loud is to refreshing for me, it brings another element into absorbing the material.  Do you find audio books good for your soul?   This book is a major keeper – so pick it up in at least one form – you don’t have to do all three like me!

5.  The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

Okay, so this one is really for those of you who have little ones in the house.  It is a hardcover book, but mainly for little kids – but let me tell you – I love reading this to my four year old.  It is an adorable story and I love when an author makes rhymes – and this one is full of them.  Cut story about a Gingerbread Man who runs all over school looking for the classmates who made him, believe me you will love it.  Grab a copy on amazon for a gift, or on Kindle or see if your local library has as copy you can check out.

That’s what is bringing a smile to my face these days – how about you?  

What can you share as a favorite in your home right now?

Sharing My Heart



I have felt the desire to share with you all a few transitions that will be happening here on The Confident Mom blog.  As with anything in life there are times of transition.  I felt that leading last year when I shared how I would be using this space to help moms on a variety of areas close to my heart.  My bottom line goal here with this blog space is to:

1.  Glorify God in all that I do.

2.  Help moms by empowering them with practical ideas and strategies.

3.  Use my mistakes, successes and journey to inspire others to a place of hope.

4.  To be generous, authentic and transparent in what I share.

5.  Create a place where relationships can happen, because bottom line, this whole life is all about relationships.

6.  Share my battle with depression, my journey living with Lupus and the different seasons of motherhood experiences I have had.

Blogs can either stay just the same or change over time.  I could certainly look to keep things just as they have been for years, or desire to change when I feel like I am being led.  I am and have been in that space for quite some time, a feeling of change.  I know God has big things in store and has already shown me BIG things with what I’ve shared here on these pages and those I have touched.  :-)

Being true and authentic can be scary – it can be frightening revealing the times that I am human and make mistakes or yell at my little one 0r talk about my issues with pride.  But you all have been gracious and kind and I feel comforted knowing you are on the other side with an open heart. I  am encouraged all the more to share deeper.

I began this journey blogging as a method to coach other moms in parenting as well as managing their homes.  To be quite honest, I have felt very unsatisfied with coaching in the past year and felt God was leading me out of that season.  I have chosen to only take a few individual coaching slots and am doing no more personal coaching outside of those.  I am relieved and feel at peace knowing that something that was so exhausting for me can be put to rest for awhile.  I love helping, but truly feel the coaching I was doing was not helping as many as it could.

So what will be here on the blog?  What will be my focus for the next year or so?

I will be sharing what I am passionate about and what I feel God is leading me to talk about in an effort to Glorify Him in it all.

Compassion Child Sponsorship

We have three girls that we are sponsoring through the amazon affiliate commission that comes in from YOU, right here on the blog.  Yep, this is a passion of mine. I have been blessed with this space, so let’s do something to make a difference together.  Every little penny makes a difference in their lives, just remember to click on the banner graphic located on my bottom right side bar on the home page before you shop on amazon.


Natural Living and Health

It is no secret that I am in love with Young Living essential oils – my life has been forever changed because I chose to step out of my comfort zone and try something completely new.  I was a skeptic and am not afraid to admit it, but oh, how I my eyes were opened.  

I cannot even begin to express how blessed I am with how I’ve learned to manage my chronic depression with prayer and the use of essential oils, as well as my Lupus symptoms that were very debilitating.  I plan to share more on what Lupus is, what I do to help myself keep going and how others might find help too.  Lupus is a fairly mysterious disease to so many, and I feel God is leading me to share my journey in hope of helping others.

I have so enjoyed learning together on my Private Facebook Page for my oily community and seeing so many other lives changed.  In addition, many moms who just began using the oils for their own personal use {ahem,… like me!} shared their story with friends and now have a little income coming it to bless their family.  I love supporting these moms and mentoring them, taking a passion of mine and using to HIS GLORY!

 Remember, it is all about relationships for me and my heart feels so full in so many ways with this new journey the Lord has me on helping others live better.

Online Book Studies

This all began last fall, after I came back from attending She Speaks, a writing and speaking conference.  I knew I was to lead online book studies, but not sure how to do it or what it looked like.  Well, we’ve done three so far and I am still learning!  I want to create a space to share and learn from each other.  I love the conversations on the Facebook pages and the relationships that develop.   I have made some incredible relationships all over the country with some amazing moms, and even in the world – which still amazes me!   I plan to facilitate three studies a year and see how it goes.

Healthy Eating

I have transitioned over the past two and a half years to a more ‘real’ food diet with less stuff I don’t need in my diet.  I am in no way a dietary pro or a chef.  But I will be sharing things that have helped me, short cuts and be sharing meals and recipes that my family enjoy.  Making motherhood a bit easier is a big deal to me and when I can share something that helps me – it’s all good!

My Personal Story

There are so many good things I am experiencing that I want to share with you.  I am so thrilled I could finally share my entire story of our foster care and adoption journey – God is amazing and I would never in a million years thought I would ever have an adopted little boy – but I do!  I also would have never guessed in a bajillion years that I would be mentoring and leading a group of fabulous ladies on their own journey of growth and passion by sharing Young Living.  I have an amazing team that I am being called to lead and I love the challenge.

God is amazing and each time I turn around there is another blessing just waiting.  I thought I gave up traveling when I left my 20 year career as a flight attendant, but this year alone I have been fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii, Salt Lake City, Spokane and in November – Ecuador all expenses paid because of my obedience in following His lead and stretching outside my comfort zone.  I want to share and include you all in it – God has amazing plans for you too, sometimes we just can’t even fathom it.

Resources for Moms

I love creating pin-pointed products that can help you in your everyday life.  The Weekly Household Planner is a huge hit and because of some of the other things I do here on the blog I can offer it for FREE and will continue to offer it for FREE in 2015!!  I love providing the Summer Survival Calendar and other ebook resources to help tackle struggles you face day in and day out.  I hope I can create more in the near future.

I also love sharing resources outside of what I make – more of items and systems that I use that I find very helpful. You will find that here as well and you can always know that I will never recommend something I do not use already.  Things like Stitch-Fix, Emeals and other things I think moms will find handy and not just a waste of money.  Remember I am frugal at heart and watch our money too!


So to be quite honest, all this takes a lot of time!!! I can be passionate and blessed, but I also have to know my limits – which can be really hard for this gal full of tenacity!  I am driven and stubborn, but I know that I must cut back in a few areas and learn to guard my time.  {Yeah, I wrote a bit about this on Monday!}  So with that being said, I am going to begin posting only two days a week here on the blog, unless I have something special going on that needs to be posted or we are in the midst of a book study.  

I also will be cutting back on social media positing, mainly Facebook.  To be honest, it is hard to say that, but I know that I need to be careful with my time and posting there to get a few “likes” just doesn’t seem to matter in the big picture.  God doesn’t really care about the likes or the statistics of my Facebook page – so just know I am still here, but just not focusing on being there as much as I once was.  I much prefer Pinterest and doing a few Instagram pictures here and there – so you can find me there as well.

I pray that you will continue to find refreshment here on the blog and ideas to help you everyday.  That is my desire and my heart and always welcome your suggestions too!  Feel free to contact me and share your heart.