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Do you remember the last time you messed up or missed out on something because of a choice you made?  How about ordering the steak at dinner but then you wonder just right after you order if you really should have ordered the Tilapia?

I could so identify with the story Lysa shared about her daughter in the drive thru line – that overwhelming feeling that perhaps we wish we’d made a different choice.  Now food is rather trivial….. but it gives a clear perspective for us on how in real life we are in situations all the time where we could regret the decisions we’ve made.

“And we girls don’t like feeling we missed out.  Or messed up.  Or misstepped right out of what should have been or what could have been.”

I am a procrastinator with decisions, because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, I get overwhelmed with the ideas and or requests and it paralyzes me.  Can you relate?

I know this book is for me because I am in a season where I truly need to look at what my BEST YES decisions are.  Where does God want me to be, what does He want me to do – or NOT do.

What I highlighted:

“I dread saying yes but feel powerless to say no.”

“We’ll tell you all about our broken places of yesterday but don’t dare admit the limitations of our today.”

“I’m tried.  I’m distracted.  I’m disappointed in myself.  I feel slightly used and more than slightly used up.  I’m a little overwhelmed and a lot worn down.”

“I asked the God of the universe to intersect my life with HIS revelation, then got up from my prayers and forgot to look.”

“Unbroken companionship helps us hear His instruction so then we can see His direction.  We must not seek direction before obeying His instruction.”

“We live reactive lives instead of proactive.  And reactive lives get very exhausting, very quickly.”

Just two weeks ago I sat in the middle of my bible study group and admitted I was worn out, exhausted and barely hanging on.  There were many reasons, some brought on by my own actions and decisions, but a few not, like suffering from a back strain which produced it’s own group of problems.  I hate feeling like that, but am so thankful I could at least admit it to someone.  I am human too, but most of the time expect myself to just be like the energizer bunny….just keep going.

The problem is, at some point you cannot keep going at the same rate and continue to add things to your plate and think it will all work out.  It won’t.

I wonder when I quickly add things without thinking – what am I missing out on that God might have in store for me? I want to learn to truly hear what God is saying to me, not just sitting in the morning and spending time and then leaving it all there – on my nightstand.

That last quote I shared from the book from my highlighted notes – living a reactive life….. yeah, I kinda feel like that is where I am right now….. putting out fire after fire… and it is very exhausting. Perhaps you are in the same boat, just longing for change.  The time is now…. and I am here with – you joining you in the journey.

I pray that during this week you are refreshed with hope – that you can begin right now to start making good decisions, the decisions that really matter in the big scheme.

Be sure to stop over on the Facebook page for conversation on what we are reading.  You’ll love that you are not alone and we are all struggling.

Here is a PDF printable of the Scripture verses I ask about in the Facebook page too, so just in case you didn’t get them there, please download them here!

Extra bonus:  I discovered that Lysa did two sermons at Elevation Church, here is the link to watch BOTH sermons – put the time in your schedule this week to be blessed and refreshed!  {I will be watching both while on the treadmill this week – Yep, that is one of my BEST YES decisions for me}

Obeying God’s Instruction is a post from: The Confident Mom

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Week One – The Best Yes Mon, 20 Oct 2014 09:00:00 +0000 Week One – The Best Yes is a post from: The Confident Mom

 week one

Here we are – ready to get started?

Even if you do not have your book yet, it is NOT too late to join us.  You can order your book now through amazon and also read the first chapter here.

This week we are reading Chapters 1-3 of The Best Yes

I will post tomorrow some of my thoughts on the weeks reading and each day there will be prompt questions for discussion on the Private Facebook Page – so you’ll want to make sure to check those out.  That is where the bulk of the community and sharing will take place.

For a lot of moms, getting out of the house to do a bible study can be really difficult, this option of participating from home is one that meets the needs of many.  Whether you are a stay at home mom, working outside the home mom or a mom to many little ones – this study is for you!  

I have felt led to have online book and Bible studies on my site now for a year.  We started with our first one, I Used to Be So Organized, by Glynnis Whitwer {you can find week one of that study here}  and then led to No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage {you can find the introduction to that study here} and then most recently 9 Traits of a Life Giving Mom by Sue Detweiler {you can find week one here}.

What I love is that all these studies are here on the blog – even if you come late, or come two years later, you can read through the posts on the books we’ve done and get different perspective from other moms!!  It has been a fun journey and a true blessing for many.

I just love how the Lord takes me on a new journey when I least expect it!

Which leads us to the fourth online book and Bible study – The Best Yes, by Lysa Terkeurst.

A few extra resources available this week:

You can download a FREE chapter from the Study Guide for week one – some of the prompts for the week will come from this resource.  But there are even more ways to dive in a bit deeper.  If you desire a bit more depth, you can order your own copy of the Study Guide that accompanies the book HERE.

Here is a wonderful PDF printable to have handy with ways to say no graciously – so many of us want to help and please others, but when you can learn to say no with grace, it can be done just a bit easier.

A Chase down the decision tool – a fun way to navigate through decisions that need to be made.  You will want to bookmark this beauty!

And for this week, we get to watch the WEEK ONE video that accompanies the book – this is a real treat and unfortunately with this type of online study, we won’t have the other videos available – but this week we do!

If you are reading this in your inbox, you will need to click through to the blog post to watch the video.  


Also this week:

In the Study Guide that accompanies The Best Yes DVD series, there is a suggestion to read the book of Proverbs since it is conveniently divided into thirty-one chapters, perfect to cover in about a month.  I challenge you to read one chapter a day, six to seven days a week over the next five weeks of our study and see how The Lord speaks to you.

Are you up for it?

This week, read Proverbs 1-7 – be sure to journal and share any insight you have either here on this page or the Private Facebook group.

Also, be sure to look at your schedule and find the time to read the chapters for the week.  You will only get out what you PUT INTO this study.  If you do not read the material it will be hard for you to join in on the conversation.  It would be such a huge bummer to miss what you have to say and contribute to others.

I will see you back here tomorrow with my thoughts on this weeks reading.  Be sure to hop over to the Facebook page and introduce yourself too!

Week One – The Best Yes is a post from: The Confident Mom

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