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Become a Frugali$ta in 30 Days

This extremely popular blog series has been compiled into a Kindle book and you can find it on amazon now! Busy Family Managers will be able to keep to their budget and earn extra money while saving on everything from entertainment and dining out to household expenses and groceries.

Learn to live well by spending less!


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My Top Mom Life Savers


I am into simplifying things.  When you can take the stress out of tasks that need to be done,  well…..not only do I win, but my family does too!  A happy mom is one who is ready to be present with the rest of the family.

One of the main reasons moms come to me is to help them come up with systems and routines that will make it easier to manage their homes.  The DIY Family Manager Makeover is one of my most popular items.  It is full of practical checklists, reference handouts and strategies that are designed to meet the unique needs of YOUR family, not just some general family.  In addition, I have several things I do in my home which can often help busy moms and I share those.

Today, I thought I would share these with you a few of my favorite things that help me live more “simply” and have time for the things I really want to do.

Amazon Baby

Even if you are not a mom who is in the diaper buying stage, this is a great deal because you get a FREE prime membership, which means you get free two day shipping on anything you buy – ANYTHING!  You do not have to meet the $25 threshhold to avoid shipping charges.  In addition to that great benefit you get 30% off diapers and wipes everyday (with subscribe and save).  Membership is free – you can’t beat that. [Read more…]

Save More Than Money Get-Together!


I am so excited – tonight is my very first “Save More than Money” home get-together!!  What is that you ask?  Well, my dear readers, it is an in-home gathering of some budget conscious mom’s who want to learn the basics to maximizing coupon shopping – making room for other things in their life!

I received a call a few weeks back from a mom who wanted to learn more about how she could use coupons easily and efficiently.  I have been a big coupon user for years, but recently had fallen off the wagon and had not been using coupons.  I got hooked back up and have found the savings unbelievable at times and certainly worth my time and effort – especially with all the great time saving ways to help me plan, shop and combine coupons.  There are great web-sites that I follow that really and truly do all the work for me except drive to the store! [Read more…]

Friday Freebies for You!


I love when I can share resources that are FREE!  Today I have a ‘boatload’ of freebies that you won’t want to miss.

Free ebooks

  • Thanksgiving Planner – make sure you got yours click here

  • Make it a Red Heart Holiday – free ebook from Favecrafts

  • Wonderful FREE printables from Mandi at Life….. Your Way – from a Christmas Planning Calendar to a weekly action plan, you can find a ton of free resources! [Read more…]