All Natural Homemade Bug Spray



I’m sharing with you today a super quick and easy recipe to make your own homemade bug repellent spray that actually works.

Simple ingredients, including the essential oils that all come in your Young Living Premium Starter Kit will have you sailing through summer with out annoying bug bites ruining your time outdoors.  Plus, this recipe only cost me $7.36 to make and that included the spray bottle.  Talk about being frugal and healthy all at the same time  :-)

Most bug sprays have DEET in them and that can be nasty stuff.  If I don’t have to use chemical ladened sprays to protect my family I certainly won’t.

Here I am explaining this simple recipe – if you are reading through an RSS feed or email, you will need to click through to the blog to view the video!

Here is the easy peasy recipe!!

Bug Repellant Spray - For Susan

For those who want to start on the journey of using essential oils in your home and keeping the chemicals out, I have a special offer good until the end of the month.

Purchase a Premium Starter Kit as a member and become a member of my community and you will get my normal offerings which include:

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AND a FREE bottle of Young Living Orange Essential Oil – which is perfect for welcoming summer!


You can grab that cute “BUG OFF” printable label here to make your project complete!

Wonder what Orange essential oil is good for?



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Six Phone Apps That Make My Life Easier



I thought it would be fun to share what APPS I have on my phone and why.  Normally I am a pretty minimalist kinda gal, so I am not into all the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to APPS.  But there are a few that I find help and can save you time, your sanity and make things just a bit nicer too!

YouVersion Bible APP

I have shared this one several times before, but I always have new moms stumble into my community so could not pass this one by.  YouVersion is a FREE Bible on your phone, iPad or Tablet, but honestly – it is way more than that!

You can access an entire bible in many different formats just with the touch of a finger, but you also have access to hundreds of devotionals, videos and more.  This is what I currently have for my morning quiet time. I am able to do several different devotions and it keeps track of my reading, making it very easy!


The Bible APP for Kids

This is a creative Bible story APP that is perfect for kids age 6-8, although my four year old loves it.  There are stories from the Bible read and activities they can do along the way.   There are stars to collect through the reading and this makes kids eager to keep reading.


Letter School

This is one for the kids!  Voted the best Younger Children’s APP 2013 – KAPI Award, you will see why.  It is a great handwriting APP for both numbers and letters right on your phone or iPad.  Perfect for little fingers to get the idea of how to maneuver their fingers to make letters and also fun in the process.

It is great for using while waiting for an appointment or driving in the car.  I am not a huge screen user in the car, but it does come in handy for sure – plus they are learning something useful with letters and numbers.  That I like!

iTunes:  LetterSchool

Period Tracker LITE

I admit, I am not the best at keeping track of my monthly cycle.  I know, probably lame.  But this APP I’ve been using for over a year has made it so much easier to keep track of where I am in my cycle, helps me understand any moodiness which may come on (which honestly has been really diminished with the use of Young Living’s Progessence Plus Serum) as well as quickly being able to see when my period is due to arrive, especially if I am traveling out of town.  They also have a version for $1.99 which has a few more options, but the free version is great for me.

iTunes:  Period Tracker LITE4067c5_3cff470ce0c249cf8af8763f1205a9e1.png_srz_237_445_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

EveryDay Spirit

My newest APP purchase and so worth $1.99!  Every Day Spirit is a collection of 180 beautiful, hand-crafted iPhone wallpapers designed to be a daily reminder of goodness, joy and light.  I love being able to change the face of my phone with a scripture or other inspirational quote.

You can choose from Kindness, Gratitude, Joy, Faith, Love, Prayers, Peace and more.   Funny enough, the shot from their site is exactly the first one I chose for my phone!   It’s $1.99, but in my opinion, well worth the Joy it will put in my day when I glance at my phone sixteen trillion times!

Website:  Everyday Spirit


I learned about this APP from my friend Myra {My Blessed Life}  while we were in Hawaii together.  She kept taking stunning sunset photos and when I asked her how, she spilled the beans!  She was using this APP.  I am not a blogger who does a lot of photography, but lately it has come in handy to have an APP that really takes great photos – food, family, outdoor shots, sunsets, beach scenes and more.

I love it and so does my hubby who also downloaded it.  If you are looking for an APP to help you take higher quality photos, this is the one!

iTunes:  Pro HDR

Now go download Pro HDR and take some fabulous summer photos!! 

5 Lessons I Learned From Having a House Husband



Yes, it’s true….The Confident Mom has had a house husband helping run the show in her home!  Before you make any judgements, let me share with you, why it happened, how it went and what I learned through the process.  It might just surprise you.

For the past 25 days our family has tried an experiment of sorts.  My husband has a job where he travels out of town 3 1/2 days per week.  But for the month of April, he took extended vacation and was home – a lot!

Since my business needed some extra attention, we decided that we would switch our responsibilities a bit to relieve me of my normal household duties so I could focus on blogging, my 2014 summer calendar release {soon,  I promise – did you read about my computer mishap??} coaching and my mentoring of Young Living leaders.

It was decided he would do all the laundry, general household routines, cooking and meal planning, and childcare between 9 am – 6 pm.  It was a big change.

So what have I learned from this experiment?  How things went, what I actually got accomplished and how I changed was not exactly what I was expecting.

1.  My Husband is Unique and Has His Ways {which are not always my ways}

I love my husband to death and he is honestly very capable at running a home, he was a single dad for 4 years before we married.  He is always willing to help around the house with my daily tasks, but I rarely take him up on it, except for grocery shopping.  I do let him do that as it is a real bonus for me.

But I will say, it was a real eye opener for me to let go of all the areas that I normally controlled and managed – from cleaning up, laundry, cooking and keeping the kiddos in line.  His ways are different – not wrong, just different.  It was a huge exercise in letting some things go, which for one who deals with anxiety, let’s just say I was reaching for my Valor a lot during the month to keep my calm!

2.  Laundry is not necessarily an Act of Love to Him

Out of all the tasks he lovingly took over for me, this would likely rate at the top of the list as one I had the most trouble with.  I tackle laundry a little bit each day – always – ALWAYS – completing a load from start to finish, folding it neatly in the basket and feeling success.  Not my husband.

I would find underwear left inside out, t-shirts (if we were lucky hung up, but often inside out) clothes left in the dryer getting wrinkled for at least a day, clothes just tossed into the clean basket, not folded.  I almost died.

Yes, did anyone get harmed by this change – no.  Was it hard for me to see this play out differently than what I did, oh yes!

3.  Kitchen Tidiness is Irrelevant

I keep a very tidy kitchen when I cook.  If I take ingredients out, I usually put them back away as I am making the recipe, or at the very least as soon as I am done with the cooking part.  Not my hubby.

It became apparent that I just needed to vacate the kitchen/family room area when cooking commenced.  Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner – it looked like a bomb went off.  I had to steer clear and often times just close my eyes.  Appreciating that he was capable and willing to do this task was more important than me trying to change how he does it.

4.  Losing Control means Growing

This was really a growing process for me, I had to lose this incredible urge to control all the aspects I normally could have, if it were me being the family manager.  Giving up control is a process and one I will always be in, but these types of opportunities allow me to stretch and grow outside my comfort zone, which just makes things easier each time I am forced to relinquish control.

5.  I Truly Do Miss My God-Given Role 

We began slowly transitioning back to our “regular” routine this week.  I am still working on balance with my role as mom, family manager, wife and business owner – but the reality is it will never just be fixed.  It is always a process of providing balance and checking priorities.

The honest truth is, I miss my regular routine of managing my home and being the care giver.  As much as I belly-ached about those things like – meal planning, laundry, cleaning and managing tasks – I missed it.  I really did.

So welcome me back to the role I was created for – the one who keeps my family in clean clothes, good food around the table and some type of organized routine.

{PS – my husband did say on about day two of this experiment that he had no idea how incredibly time consuming meal planning was and how frustrating it was.  By the time lunch was done and cleaned up he was having to figure out dinner! He did enjoy it a bit  more when I shared with him my secret weapon, Emeals!}

Did you see in my newsletter yesterday that I am having a sale on my “Got Dinner Recipe ebook“.  Yep, my computer disaster is resulting in a great sale for you all!  Only til Friday 4/25 at midnight!


No More Perfect Moms Week THREE



Ladies, the walls are coming down, the masks being taken off.  I have felt so encouraged and accepted while reading the conversation on the Facebook page.  We all struggle and we all have our weaknesses – I am THANKFUL we have a place to share authentically – thank you for having grace for others and allowing the precious space to be genuine.

One of the most authentic posts shared on Facebook last week which I know trigger emotions for me as well as many other moms too.

I have been super critical and judgmental of myself for as long as I can remember. That has led me to become critical and judgmental of others. I now see that reflected in my own children. It feels so much like failure as a parent to see the negative things rear their ugly heads. Yes, there are positive things that I have instilled in my children but I tend to focus on the negative things. I am slowly learning to extend grace to myself when I fail or perceive that I have failed. I am much quicker to forgive others for offenses than I am to forgive myself. As I read this chapter I found myself in so much of the writing. I am fearful–fearful of what others think of me–fearful of failing yet again. Insecure in who I am and what I am here for. Judgmental of myself and those around me. I feel like I am stuck. But–knowing that God accepts and loves me right where I am gives me hope. Hope that He will help me to change with His strength and not in my own strength.

Did any of that resonate with you?

We have looked at judging others, judging ourselves, having expectations that are unrealistic, the greatest thing we can add to our life GRACE, and this week we jump into the topic of our kids – I think this may be a very difficult topic for many.

 Our kids are so close to our hearts and I know we all feel that their success or lack thereof really demonstrates our effectiveness as parents.

I loved these lines in the very first few pages in this chapter:

“Kids make mistakes.  They make poor choices sometimes – whether they are two years old and decide to throw a fit in the grocery store or they are seventeen and decide to sneak out of the house.  That’s real life.  Welcome to motherhood.”

Does that make you feel better today?

Here is the agenda for this week:

{If you are viewing this post via email, you will need to click through to the website to view the video}


Week 3:  February 10 – 14, 2014

Monday – watch the video, download the discussion questions for WEEK THREE

Tuesday – come prepared by having read Chapter Three, join the conversation

Wednesday – check in over at Facebook for a few questions

Thursday – read the blog post on applying what we’ve learned this week; get started reading Chapter 4

Was there something that spoke to you in the video?  Please share in the comments and hop over to the Facebook page.  What about parenting creates fear for you or feelings of insecurity? 

I Used to Be So Organized Reading Plan



You have all made me smile as you share your excitement for getting started on the “I Used to Be So Organized” book study!  Whether you are truly disorganized, somewhat disorganized or think you still have it pretty much going on good, this study will be refreshing indeed!

Hopefully you’ve gotten the word already about the study and ordered or picked up a copy of the book, “I Used to Be SO Organized,” by Glynnis Whitwer.  If not, hurry and grab a copy!  But if you think you won’t get a copy before next Monday, no worries, you can read the first two chapters online, so you won’t fall behind!

Each Monday for the next seven weeks I will post the week’s reading assignment on the blog, as well as a memory verse focus for the week and some homework suggestions.  You will be reading three chapters a week.  At the time I post the reading assignment, I will give you some questions to consider as you read.  I am hoping that you can read the chapters listed for the week’s reading prior to reading the post that correlates to the chapter reading, but do what you can, this is not legalistic! [Read more...]