No More Perfect Moms Week THREE



Ladies, the walls are coming down, the masks being taken off.  I have felt so encouraged and accepted while reading the conversation on the Facebook page.  We all struggle and we all have our weaknesses – I am THANKFUL we have a place to share authentically – thank you for having grace for others and allowing the precious space to be genuine.

One of the most authentic posts shared on Facebook last week which I know trigger emotions for me as well as many other moms too.

I have been super critical and judgmental of myself for as long as I can remember. That has led me to become critical and judgmental of others. I now see that reflected in my own children. It feels so much like failure as a parent to see the negative things rear their ugly heads. Yes, there are positive things that I have instilled in my children but I tend to focus on the negative things. I am slowly learning to extend grace to myself when I fail or perceive that I have failed. I am much quicker to forgive others for offenses than I am to forgive myself. As I read this chapter I found myself in so much of the writing. I am fearful–fearful of what others think of me–fearful of failing yet again. Insecure in who I am and what I am here for. Judgmental of myself and those around me. I feel like I am stuck. But–knowing that God accepts and loves me right where I am gives me hope. Hope that He will help me to change with His strength and not in my own strength.

Did any of that resonate with you?

We have looked at judging others, judging ourselves, having expectations that are unrealistic, the greatest thing we can add to our life GRACE, and this week we jump into the topic of our kids – I think this may be a very difficult topic for many.

 Our kids are so close to our hearts and I know we all feel that their success or lack thereof really demonstrates our effectiveness as parents.

I loved these lines in the very first few pages in this chapter:

“Kids make mistakes.  They make poor choices sometimes – whether they are two years old and decide to throw a fit in the grocery store or they are seventeen and decide to sneak out of the house.  That’s real life.  Welcome to motherhood.”

Does that make you feel better today?

Here is the agenda for this week:

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Week 3:  February 10 – 14, 2014

Monday – watch the video, download the discussion questions for WEEK THREE

Tuesday – come prepared by having read Chapter Three, join the conversation

Wednesday – check in over at Facebook for a few questions

Thursday – read the blog post on applying what we’ve learned this week; get started reading Chapter 4

Was there something that spoke to you in the video?  Please share in the comments and hop over to the Facebook page.  What about parenting creates fear for you or feelings of insecurity? 

I Used to Be So Organized Reading Plan



You have all made me smile as you share your excitement for getting started on the “I Used to Be So Organized” book study!  Whether you are truly disorganized, somewhat disorganized or think you still have it pretty much going on good, this study will be refreshing indeed!

Hopefully you’ve gotten the word already about the study and ordered or picked up a copy of the book, “I Used to Be SO Organized,” by Glynnis Whitwer.  If not, hurry and grab a copy!  But if you think you won’t get a copy before next Monday, no worries, you can read the first two chapters online, so you won’t fall behind!

Each Monday for the next seven weeks I will post the week’s reading assignment on the blog, as well as a memory verse focus for the week and some homework suggestions.  You will be reading three chapters a week.  At the time I post the reading assignment, I will give you some questions to consider as you read.  I am hoping that you can read the chapters listed for the week’s reading prior to reading the post that correlates to the chapter reading, but do what you can, this is not legalistic! [Read more...]

Woolzies Dryer Balls – Review & Giveaway!


Disclosure:  I received this product for free as part of a review and giveaway opportunity. The opinions in my review are honest and my own and I would never recommend a product I would not personally use and purchase myself.

It’s funny how a bit of time can change things.  Just over a year ago, I was probably just like a lot of busy moms, just using products that I had grown up with because I didn’t have the time or energy to research alternatives.  With health challenges in our home and the desire to find more natural ways of cleaning, eating and caring for our bodies I was thrilled with the opportunity to try Woolzies Dryer Balls. [Read more...]

Garden Goddess Daily Lotion Review & Giveaway


Disclosure:  I received this product for free as part of a review and giveaway opportunity with Bookieboo, LLC. The opinions in my review are honest and my own.

When I was offered the opportunity to review a Goddess Garden Product I jumped at the chance!  If you recall, I shared my opinions on finding safer sunscreens for your family and a brand that appeared on my list was Goddess Garden!  I loved Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen 30, because it was easy to apply – which is one of my criteria for a good sunscreen.  If it is a pain to apply, you just won’t use it.  So when I had to chance to try another Goddess Garden product, I was excited.

I’ve shared that I have to take even more pre-cautions with sunscreen and using effective barrier methods due to my Lupus and how the sun effects me, so finding a lotion that not only is easy to apply, smells good and is mineral based is like winning the jackpot! [Read more...]

An Updated Vision – Looking Ahead


I am getting really excited to share with you a new look around here.  This has been a bit in the making and with any project, it has taken longer to get it going, but The Confident Mom is getting a facelift and it will be reveal in the next few weeks, so watch for it!

In the process of this time of ‘re-designing’ I’ve also taken a step back and looked at my transition in this space known as “The Confident Mom” website.  Several years ago, I started out mainly coaching moms.  I soon realized that only a handful of moms could afford to pay for individual parent coaching, yet there were so many other moms needing encouragement, resources, direction and support.  I created different group coaching programs in order to meet the need, like Becoming a Calm, Cool and Confident Mom, which is a wonderful go at your own pace course.

I also began posting on my site and created a blog, my first post was August 1, 2009.  It is embarrassing to look back, but you know – it is inspiring as well to see how I’ve grown as a writer.  I’ve also been a big learner with the entire internet portion of running an internet business,  a website and creating relationships over thousands of miles with people I will never meet!  It is mind-boggling how God can use anyone, including a big messed up mom like me to help others!  It is only through grace! [Read more...]